Suicide Squad Crosses Over $300 Million At Worldwide Box Office

With every passing day, Suicide Squad rakes in more money than Captain Boomerang could ever hope [...]

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

With every passing day, Suicide Squad rakes in more money than Captain Boomerang could ever hope to heist. The wildly popular DC Comics' adaptation has already shattered all sorts of box office records, and now, Suicide Squad has officially grossed more than $300 million worldwide.

With that kind of cash, Digger Harkness could buy a lot of pink plushie unicorns.

Just yesterday, Deadline reported Suicide Squad experienced a record-breaking Tuesday gross of $14.27M, outdoing other highs from Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The super-villain flick is smashing midweek expectations, helping to bring its overall earnings to over $326.1M.

Domestically, the film has hauled in over $161M, and Suicide Squad's international grossing is also pushing the flick to new heights. In Brazil, the film has already out-grossed Guardians of the Galaxy in just six days. The same phenomenon was seen in South Korea as Suicide Squad overtook Guardian of the Galaxy's entire run in just one week with $12.1M. But, when it comes to international markets, the United Kingdom is bringing in the most profit with $19.7M.

Other markets like Russia and Mexico have also contributed to Suicide Squad's massive earnings with $14.2M and $13.2M respectively.

According to Deadline, Suicide Squad could see a decent $51M draw during its second domestic weekend. With the film already standing as the biggest August opener and the largest August pre-sale of all-time, it seems like Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have little to worry about with their insanely lucrative film.

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