Super Power Beat Down: Wolverine Vs. Wonder Woman

The YouTube channel Bat in the Sun has been hyping this superhero-on-superhero fight since May, [...]

The YouTube channel Bat in the Sun has been hyping this superhero-on-superhero fight since May, and now it has finally arrived! So, for the twentieth episode in their popular and fun "Super Power Beat Down" series, Wonder Woman and Wolverine "play just the tip."

It begins with Marvel's powerful and eternally-surly mutant stomping through the X-Mansion. Along the way, he flirts with a super-sexy Psyclocke, gets annoyed with Nightcrawler's teleportation, has a quick exchange with Jubilee, and is asked about Themyscira — the lush island nation of the Amazons — by Cyclops. We then see Cyclop and Wolverine in the X-Jet, flying toward Themyscira, and once they reach at their destination, Wolverine is rudley jettisoned from the aircraft.

As Wolverine begins to walk along the shoreline, Wonder Woman makes a superhero landing that would earn a standing ovation from Deadpool. The two engage in a fun back-and-forth, and then, the fight is on. The warrior princess uses her sword and super-speed to get the best of Wolverine, but she becomes increasingly frustrated that he keeps getting up no matter how many times she punctures him. However, once she gets her Golden Lasso of Truth around his neck, Wolverine divulges crucial information about his accelerated healing ability and his unbreakable skeleton and claws.


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"Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine" was directed by Aaron Schoenke. The cast features Tatiana Dekhtyar as Wonder Woman and Jonathan Carroll as Wolverine. Original music and sound was created by Sean Schoenke. The "Super Power Beat Down" series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy.