'Supergirl': "Triggers" Trailer Released

Supergirl returned for Season Three with a look at a very changed Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), who dealt with loss of her love, Mon-El, by hiding in her Supergirl persona. Unfortunately for her, that doesn't mean that Supergirl doesn't have her hands full.

As you can see in the preview above for the next episode, "Triggers" will bring a new threat to National City.

That new villain is Psi (Yael Grobglas from Jane the Virgin), a psychic thief who uses her gifts to play upon people's deepest fears. You can see what kind of chaos it causes when Psi's powers are turned against an emotionally vulnerable Supergirl.

Supergirl will air "Triggers" on Monday October 16th at 8pm ET on The CW.

SupergirlMonday at 8 PM on CBS

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