HBO Trolls Henry Cavill’s ‘Justice League’ Mustache Erasure

HBO Asia has fired shots at Superman star Henry Cavill’s botched Justice League mustache [...]

HBO Asia has fired shots at Superman star Henry Cavill's botched Justice League mustache erasure.

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How to a ruin a moment 😎 #Superman #HBOGOAsia

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"How to ruin a moment," HBO Asia's Instagram account published Sunday when sharing a scene between Cavill's Clark Kent and lover Lois Lane (Amy Adams).

The moment, which comes after the superhero has been resurrected following his death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, ends with Kent flashing a beaming smile — one that was affected by digital tampering by artists who were forced to remove Cavill's Mission: Impossible facial hair.

Cavill, who was contractually prohibited from shaving his Mission: Impossible — Fallout mustache when tapped to return for reshoots on Justice League, admitted he was "slightly surprised" to learn of the hoopla surrounding his super-stache and his oft-meme'd partially digitized face in Justice League.

"I certainly wasn't expecting all the events to unfold as they were going to unfold. I wasn't expecting Justice League reshoots to be as extensive as they were," he told Empire.

Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie explained on Twitter why Cavill's genuine facial hair couldn't be faked for the action-heavy sixth installment of the Tom Cruise-led franchise, remarking it would have been impractical for Cavill's Fallout stuntwork to accommodate Justice League:

"The only way to keep a fake 'stache on Henry Cavill would be a liberal dose of staples," McQuarrie wrote last July.

The digital makeup made for an unsightly Superman in the superhero team-up crossover first directed by Zack Snyder and finished by Joss Whedon, and has since been a source of rib-poking for the Man of Steel.

"When it came to that, it was one of those things where I'm in the middle of another movie, and to change my look for a movie that should have finished already becomes a real problem," Cavill explained to Empire when pointing out why a fake mustache "would not have been a possibility" on Fallout.

"You'll think, 'Okay, yeah, a fake mustache would perhaps have been blown off in this situation.' Unfortunately, it led to much dismay when Justice League came out, but that's the nature of these things. You can't win every time."