Superman & Lois: New Character Details Revealed

While cast and crews eagerly await for production to begin again on the DC Comics stable of shows [...]

While cast and crews eagerly await for production to begin again on the DC Comics stable of shows on The CW, fans are hopeful to learn more about one of the new spinoff series that will finally see Superman and Lois Lane return to television in their own regular series. The network hasn't officially picked up Superman & Lois for a full season order, current rumors indicate that the show has a future in the Arrowverse due to the production delays because of coronavirus shutdowns. New details might reveal some other DC Comics characters who might show up in the series.

The new report comes from The Illuminerdi, which hints that one of Clark Kent's childhood friends will be playing a major role in Superman & Lois.

The report indicates that casting is underway for a new character referred to as "Sally Bunyan" with all signs pointing toward her actually being Lana Lang. There are also casting notices for actors to play Sally's family, with the plot details further hinting to Lana's Arrowverse debut.

"'Sally's' life takes a turn when she reconnects with her high school boyfriend, which in turn is another straining factor in her marriage to 'Kyle.' On the subject of her husband, the casting department is looking for a diverse actor between 35 and 39 to play 'Kyle,' a fire station chief who has basically become a hero in his own right to the town. Described as being an alcoholic who has seen a lot of darkness in humanity, 'Kyle' has some problematic attitude issues that affect those around him."

The couple will also have 16-year-old and 8-year-old daughters, and the series will also feature Lois Lane's father General Samuel Lane. Only it sounds like they won't be bringing back Glenn Morshower as General Lane, who hasn't been seen since Season 1 of Supergirl (which originally aired on CBS before moving to The CW for Season 2).

The report also indicates that new characters labeled as "Sebastian Saint," "Ryan Sullivan," and "The Stranger" could make life more complicated for Lois and Clark as they attempt to raise two super sons.

Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois in the Arrowverse, offered an exciting tease for the pilot of Superman & Lois.

"When Todd Helbing, who's our showrunner, was telling me about the story for the pilot script for Superman & Lois, I got chills," Tulloch told TV Guide. "It's so good, and it's so something we haven't seen before with them, so I think it's going to be great."

We'll learn more details on the future of Superman & Lois once the coronavirus shutdown ends and production begins on The CW shows once again.