Superman & Lois: Here's What You Missed In "O Mother Where Art Thou?"

The episode opens where the last one left off, with Morgan Edge revealing himself as Tar-Ro, son [...]


The episode opens where the last one left off, with Morgan Edge revealing himself as Tar-Ro, son of Lara and Zeta-Ro. He explains that he came as a young boy to Earth just ahead of Kal-El, and murdered a trigger-happy farmer who found him. He tells Clark that he plans to bring numerous Kryptonians, including Lara, back to life on Earth. Superman tells him that he isn't willing to sacrifice Earth to do it, and Edge attacks him, telling him that if Superman doesn't take his side, he will be "eradicated." Given its history in the DC Universe, that's an interesting choice of words.

At the Cushing house, Sarah confronts Lana over standing up for Kyle, and when Lana tells her to stop, she leaves to go stay with a friend. After Sarah leaves, she tells Kyle she needs to know everything that happened. As they talk, she misses a call from Lois. Lois is worried, and the DoD says they'll go check on Lana.

Later, Clark reveals Edge's plan to his family. Lois tells him to go to the Fortress and find out whether there's any truth to all of it, and Clark leaves. At the Fortress, Jor-El tells him that it is possible, and that he never revealed the existence of a half-brother becuase it wasn't important. Clark asks him what to do to restore the people Edge has mind-controlled, but Jor-El tells him that since The Eradicator was invented by Lara.

At the Kent Farmhouse, Jon is worried that Clark could turn on them like he did on John Henry's Earth, but Lois tells him there's no way that would happen, becuase he has a family to fight for here on Earth.

At the Cushing house, Kyle starts to explain the process by which Edge "improved" him. Before he can get to the specifics of the procedure, Lois arrives at the door, followed by the DoD, who take Kyle into custody after he tries to use super powers to attack Lois and Lana.

The Kents get together with Lana, and explain what they know about Edge's plans. As they're putting images up on the screen, Lane recognizes a man named Dabney Donovan, who was serving as Edge's personal physician. With few leads, Lois says they need to try talking to Kyle again.

At the DoD, Kyle's Kryptonian personality threatens Sam Lane while he asks for details on Donovan. After he threatens Sam, Sam starts torturing him with Kryptonite to get information.

At a diner, Jon finally can't take lying to Sarah anymore, and tells her what's going on with her dad, leaving out the part about Kryptonians. Sarah is confused, and Jordan offers to get her in to see Kyle for herself.

At the Kent Farm, Lana is miserable and worried, while Lois tells Clark that she suspects Edge needs time for the Subjekts to finalize their process, and that's the only reason he allowed Superman to have time to make up his mind. After he uses his super-hearing to find Donovan, Clark flies to the lab where the process is happening. They ask Donovan to reverse the process, but he says he hardly understands it, and to reverse it, they need to find the person who invented the tech.

Lois walks Lana through the DoD, and Lana is shocked to see Superman in person. Talking with Donovan, Superman asks how to get Lara Lor-Van into the "real" world, and Lana offers to be the vessel for Superman's mom. Lois and Clark don't like the idea, but Lana is determined. The DoD and Superman leave Lois and Lana alone to talk it out. She argues convincingly, and Lois eventually relents.

Jonathan and Jordan are trying to smuggle Sarah in, but security stops them at the door. Jon convinces Sam to let them in to see her dad for a minute.

When she calls out to Kyle, he reveals his Kryptonian side, who threatens to kill Jonathan, and tells Sarah that Kyle is dead.

Lois tells Clark that he needs to talk to Lana, becuase Superman's words of wisdom will help her. He tells her thank you, but that she doesn't have to do this. She tells him she doesn't think he really believes that, and that he sees her as a hero for what she's about to do. Lois calls Lana in, and she goes to be implanted with Lara's consciousness.

Lara awakes in Lana's body, and immediately knows her son.

Lana tells Superman that she never intended Kryptonians to supplant another race with her resurrection science. Lana confirms most of what Edge said -- that she was matched with Zeta-Ro, but chose Jor-El out of love. She reveals that Zeta-Ro had stolen the sunstone that had Lara's consciousness. She tells him that she worried about him without a mother, and that hearing about how great Martha was to him makes her happy.

Jordan goes to see Sarah, and tries to help her cope with what's going on. She's upset and confused, and worried that her telling Kyle off is the last thing she will ever say to him. Jordan tells her they have to hold onto hope.

Leslie goes to see Edge, who wants to rally their troops to attack Superman and retrieve The Eradicator.

At the site, Lara reveals that the consciousness in the body doesn't die until the new consciousness is completed its transition, which can take weeks. Edge calls Clark, and Superman says his goodbyes to Lara and flies to see him.

Edge confronts Superman, asking why he loves huanity so much. He reveals that he was hunted and captured by people in the British countryside when he landed. Superman tells him that not everyone is like that, but Edge isn't having any of it.

At the diner, Sarah tells Jordan she understands why he left her concert, since he knew about everything going on. And while Clark tries to get through to Edge, he is calling his troops to his side.

As the swarm descends on Superman, Edge asks him to decide, "us or them." Superman tells him there is no "us or them," and takes to the air. He leads the swarm of Kryptonians back toward The Eradicator. Superman tells him that he will use his solar flare power to super-charge The Eradicator and de-power Edge's soldiers all at once.

As there is panic in the streets, Sarah goes to see Kyle in his cell, and stands tearfully in front of his cage. Superman takes to the air, and as the soldiers attack him, he blasts The Eradicator with his heat vision, eventually blasting his solar flare. A wave of energy de-powers all of the victims, seemingly including Kyle, who calls out to Sarah, who kneels to talk to him. The DoD rounds up Edge's soldiers, all of whom seem shocked by what's going on. Lois checks on Lana, who has been restored as well. Lana runs down the hallway to see that Kyle, too, has been restored, and is happily reunited with the family.

Superman, now powerless but still holding onto The Eradicator, is blown to the Fortress, where he crawls through the snow to recover. Elsewhere, in a desert, Leslie and Edge reunite. He tells them it's just them for now, but not all is lost.