Superman Races Oliver Queen in Elseworlds Deleted Scene

Last year's crossover between Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash provided multiple epic moments that [...]

Last year's crossover between Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash provided multiple epic moments that likely won't be topped until Crisis on Infinite Earths begins later this year, and even then, Elseworlds was still a major hit for The CW. And while we got to see Superman mixing it up with the core superheroes of the three shows, one of the best moments with Clark Kent actually came in a deleted scene.

Now we can finally watch an epic moment where Oliver Queen receives a bit of training from Superman, instigated because of the Green Arrow's power switch with The Flash. Check out the two racing in the clip, which also features actor Tyler Hoechlin giving a great motivational speech as the Man of Steel.

Hoechlin has been confirmed to return as Superman for Crisis on Infinite Earths, though it looks like he'll also be joined by fellow actors Brandon Routh and possibly even Tom Welling to reprise their roles.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased Routh's return as Superman on social media earlier this year, praising the work going into Crisis on Infinite Earths to make it the biggest crossover in the Arrowverse yet.

"Loving these so much. Everyone is hard at work already -- the earliest start we've ever gotten on the crossovers -- to make this as big and epic and FUN as we can conceivably manage."

ComicBook spoke with LaMonica Garrett about his role in the series, where he'll be reprising his role as the Monitor as well as playing the biggest bad in the DC Universe as the Anti-Monitor.

"You think of the scale of it, and what this character means, and him being introduced into the DC TV world, the first person when you think when you think Monitor is you think Anti-Monitor," Garrett said. "So, the scale -- where's this going? And then when you think Anti-Monitor, the next thing you think of is Crisis on Infinite Earths. So if you keep doing that to yourself, it makes it too much on your shoulders when you are going into it. You have to think about it later."

He added, "To me, I'm a former athlete. When you think about the big games, the bowl games, you think about the Super Bowl, you think about the World Series, and you ask those players, 'what does this mean? This is a huge game, this is the biggest game ever.' And they downplay it. They don't want to think of it. After the game, they'll tell you how much pressure they were under, and how much stress. They couldn't sleep at night. So leading up to it, it's like they're trying not to think about that, because if you make that moment bigger than what it is, it's gonna get the best of you."

Crisis on Infinite Earths begins with an episode of Supergirl, airing on The CW on December 8th.