Swamp Thing Star Wants to Team Up With Constantine

As fans of DC Comics know, Swamp Thing and Constantine go together. After all, the fan-favorite [...]

As fans of DC Comics know, Swamp Thing and Constantine go together. After all, the fan-favorite demonologist John Constantine made his debut on the pages of Swamp Thing comics. Fans would love to see the pair come together on the small screen as well, and that includes Derek Mears. The Swamp Thing star would love to see the team up and is open to the ways it might happen.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Mears -- who plays the Swamp Thing creature in the series -- opened up about the cancellation of DC Universe's Swamp Thing, specifically about whether he would be open to the idea of Swamp Thing being revived along with Constantine -- which was cancelled by NBC after one season in 2015.

"Look, if it's the same showrunners and people involved in the show we did, I will go to hell with this character because I had so much fun," Mears said. "As a fan, seeing, if they ever had Swamp Thing and Constantine together, that would be just dynamite."

Swamp Thing was officially cancelled just shy of one week after the debut of the show's first episode and since the announcement was made, there's been questions as to why as the show had been well-received, critically. Since the cancellation, more details about the long-term plans for Swamp Thing have also emerged, with Business Insider revealing that one of their sources admitted "the show had a possible three-season arc, and the feeling on set was that it could have gone past that if it was a hit, with characters spinning off into their own shows. The source used the specific example of a potential 'Justice League Dark' team-up series."

It's the idea of that Justice League Dark team-up that Mears also said is something that he things would have been "the best".

"No, just on my own speculation when we were on set being that I'm a fan going 'oh cool, what could we possibly do' and you start to fantasize about where it could possibly go, but then when I read online the rumors they were talking about a 3 season arc and a Justice League Dark show or movie I was like 'oh, are you kidding me? That would have been the best!'"

For now, Swamp Thing fans will simply have to settle for the 10 episode first season of the series. DC Universe is continuing to drop new episodes of Swamp Thing every Friday with the season -- and likely series -- finale hitting the service on August 2.