Sweet Tooth Season 2 Q&A Revealed at DC FanDome

During DC FanDome today, Sweet Tooth himself Christian Convery stopped by to take part in a fan Q&A for the hit Netflix series while also revealing a teensy bit about the upcoming second season of the hit DC adaptation.  Addressing the first of the questions, Convery revealed the he probably ate more than 500 pieces of candy while filming adding: "I do have a sweet tooth in real life too." The actor also spoke about the animatronic ears he wears on set, filming in New Zealand, his favorite DC characters, and a small tease of what fans can expect from the second season. You can find the full video below and watch the rest of DC FanDome by clicking here.

"I know that I'm itching it find out what's next but I really hope that Bobby's okay because he's the cutest thing in the world, right?" Convery said. "Well, and of course all the other hybrids. But you'll just have to wait and watch season two to find out. I absolutely love how much you guys enjoy Sweet Tooth and cannoy wait for you to see what we have in store next. Get ready to enjoy more banter, hybrids, and candy to last you a life time, or at least to cure your Sweet Tooth."

Sweet Tooth season 1 holds a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 88%, so hype for the second season will no doubt be high when it arrives. Fans will no doubt notice that Convery has gotten older between seasons one and two, but the show's producers are taking his actual aging into account for the series, unlike the comic book.

"We had to deal with that a little bit because a year and a half between episode one and two for him," showrunner and executive producer Jim Mickle previously told ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. "He aged quite a bit during then, but thankfully he stayed his sweet little Gus self. So, we don't know. It's hard to predict anything. I think that's one thing that we've learned from the beginning of all this is, you can't predict anything. So, we take it as it comes. Season one was amazing and we'd love to get to do more, if the world will have us."

"It's a coming of age story," executive producer Beth Schwartz added. "So, in a coming of age story you see your protagonist grow and go through different stages of their life."

Check back for new details on Sweet Tooth season 2 as we learn them.