Fortnite's Batman Who Laughs Skins Revealed

Following new details about the next Batman/Fortnite comic and its accompanying cosmetics coming to Fortnite, we've now gotten our first look at the in-game version of the Batman Who Laughs. These crossover items include the character skin that recreates the look of the DC character as well as a loading screen that'll be available to those who have a code required to own it. Like other guest characters, the Batman Who Laughs will also get some extra cosmetics like a glider and a pickaxe to complete the set.

Over on the Fortnite site, Epic Games shared a preview of the cosmetics and the loading screen that'll be available in the game as well as the ways that players can acquire these items. The preview of the Batman Who Laughs collection below from Fortnite dataminer iFireMonkey shows the cosmetic gear on the left and the loading screen on the right.

 This collection is all connected to the new Batman/Fortnite: Foundation one-shot which will serve as a standalone follow-up to Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. If you're planning on picking up that comic when it's available, you'll get a code that awards you the loading screen, the Batman Who Laughs outfit, and a back bling.

"Like the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comics, Batman/Fortnite: Foundation includes a redeemable code for a bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital item inspired by the comic's events," Epic Games said. "The item that goes with Batman/Fortnite: Foundation? From the new Dark Multiverse Set, The Batman Who Laughs Outfit! Also from the Set, the code additionally unlocks the Robin's Perch Back Bling and Dark Days Loading Screen."

If you're not planning on reading the comic but just want the loot, you'll be able to purchase it from the Item Shop. Both the outfit and the back bling will be in the Item Shop on October 26th along with the pickaxe and the glider that complete the set. The Item Shop appears to be the only way to purchase the pickaxe and the glider while the code included with the comic is the only way to get the loading screen, so you'll have to read the comic and pay out in the Item Shop if you want to complete the entire set.

For any other questions you might have about the Batman Who Laughs set in Fortnite, Epic Games set up an FAQ that should have the answers you're looking for.