Tara Strong Wants To Cameo In Harley Quinn Spinoff

Suicide Squad Harley

When news broke of a possible Harley Quinn spinoff film, multitudes of Harley fans were excited to hear the news. Included in that multitude is Actress Tara Strong.

Strong is one of the premier voice talents in the animation industry, behind recognizable characters like Timmy Turner (The Fairly Odd Parents), Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls), Raven (Teen Titans GO), Batgirl (The Upcoming Killing Joke ), Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) and of course Harley Quinn (The Arkham Games, DC Super Hero Girls, Lego Dimensions, and many other projects).

Strong is synonymous with the character of Harley at this point, and thusly shared her desire to cameo in Margot Robbie's spinoff film on Twitter, saying: "I just wanna make a @RealStanLee cameo, like bring those hotties coffee."

While the (rumored) spinoff won't include just Harley, it makes tons of sense to find a cameo spot for Strong. Little easter eggs like this are fan favorites and give the eagle-eyed comic enthusiasts a nice tip of the cap.


Other names that have been mentioned along with Harley's spinoff are characters like Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Both are characters that Strong is all too familiar with, so this really seems like a no-brainer. No other details are known about the project as of yet, as Warner Bros. and DC are playing things pretty close to the vest, but it sounds like something that is more a matter of when than if.