The Batman Director Confirms Detail Everyone Missed In Scene

The Batman director Matt Reeves has confirmed one detail of the film that just about everyone missed. As The Batman debuts on HBO Max fans are getting the chance to view the film at their leisure and are picking out some of the finer details that Reeves put into the film, now that they know how the story plays out. It only took half an hour of The Batman's extensive runtime for fans to pick out a particularly chilling detail: Paul Dano's Riddler hiding onscreen in plain sight! 

As you can see above, this scene of The Batman (at 31:55) features a shot outside of Oswald Cobblepot's (Colin Farrell) Gotham City club The Iceberg Lounge. We can clearly see Riddler camped out in the apartment he used as a base of operations while preparing for his killing spree, surveying the club (and those coming and going) from across the street. 

Matt Reeves is out on social media today to engage with all those fans that are sitting down to stream The Batman on HBO Max, and he quickly confirmed the new Riddler discovery, saying "Indeed, I can confirm. 100%" after being asked by a fan if he could "confirm 100%" that it was indeed Riddler. Now that we know to look for it, it's truly a freaky (and fun) detail. Wonder how many frames of the film have Riddler lurking around? Could be like a twisted "Where's Waldo?" The Easter egg hunt is on... 

Not only will The Batman streaming on HBO Max allow DC fans the ability to pause and examine scenes and shots – viewing the film in home theaters where 4K (or above) TVs are available will literally be an enlighting experience. Matt Reeves has always maintained that he filmed The Batman with high-def cameras that really only reveal the full splendor of his directorial vision (and cinematographer Greig Fraser's Oscar-worthy visual skill) when viewed in that high-def format of enhanced blacks. If nothing else, The Batman is a masterful ode to the shadowy world of film Noir. 

The extensive planning of Paul Dano's Riddler has been one of the biggest spinouts of The Batman; Riddler has been the focus of Warner Bros.' viral marketing campaign for the film, with an entire dossier of photos, notations, and journals from "Riddler's" plan being released to fans. Dano will get to go even deeper into the character and his machinations when the actor writes the upcoming Riddler: Year Zero comic book for DC Comics

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.