The Batman Director Announces Paul Dano's Riddler Year One Spinoff Comic

The Batman director Matt Reeves has announced a spinoff comic book based on the film's version of Riddler – a comic that will be written by actor Paul Dano himself! The series is titled "Riddler: Year One" and Reeves made the official announcement on social media, with the following tweets: "Paul Dano's incredible journey with The Riddler isn't over yet... Unmask his new @DCComics comic book: "Riddler: Year One," this October and see @TheBatman #OnlyInTheaters now." When a fan followed by asking if that statement indicated Dano was actually writing the book, Reeves confirmed as much by saying "Yes. Paul Dano wrote it." 

The tweet from Matt Reeves was quickly followed by one from The Batman's official social media accounts, further confirming the October release date of the comic spinoff, as well as Paul Dano's involvement. 

This announcement also helps to further contextualize The Batman's big viral marketing teaser a week ago today. The film's viral marketing site (a Riddler-themed "dark web" page) released a detailed gallery of background props from Dano's Riddler role – notebooks of the serial killer villain's thoughts, surveillance photos, and dossiers on the various Gotham political figures he stalked and killed, photos of his "lair" where he plotted all the gruesome killings and traps he would use, etc. It was a clear indicator that there was much more to this new version of Riddler than could fit in the span of one film – and that DC/Warner Bros. were going to do more with the character, in some form or fashion.

From the initial sound of it, Riddler: Year One will hop back further, to show how forensic accountant Edward Nashton solved the dark puzzle of Gotham City's corrupt political and elitist hierarchy while also going completely mad in the process. It could be a wonderfully deep and complex character study that also helps flesh out the world of Gotham that Matt Reeves built, with the same Noir tone and themes The Batman went with. Reeves has always been upfront at how much depth Dano added to his role as Riddler – now fans will see for themselves.

...The other possibility is that Dano's series could unexpectedly twist the classic "Year One" origin concept into a sequel to The Batman, as Riddler escapes custody and truly becomes a "supervillain" as Gotham City will come to understand the term. A similar path is being plotted for Colin Farrell's Oz Cobblepot, who will fully become "The Penguin" in his own live-action spinoff series on HBO Max. Riddler's last know whereabouts (Arkham Asylum) will also be getting its own TV series spinoff. 

The Batman is now in theaters. It will streaming on HBO Max starting on April 25th