The Batman: Fan Breaks Down Battinson Costume Influence in Single Image

Matt Reeves’ The Batman suit has prompted a ton of different reactions on social media and that [...]

Matt Reeves' The Batman suit has prompted a ton of different reactions on social media and that is largely due to the many influences on display in the suit. One fan tried to pinpoint four distinct inspirations for Robert Pattinson's costume on Instagram. It seems the fan has this thing narrowed down to Talon from the Court of Owls, Batman: Zero Year, Gotham By Gaslight, and Batman: Damned. The explanations the poster gives for each look are fun to read and some good guesses about the origins of the suit. There's also the fact of the Batman: Arkham Series influence and a possible shout out to a Kevin Smith and Jim Lee Batman Story.

In the poster's own words, "#RobertPattinson in the film:
📌 Hood: seems to be based on the #Batman of #GothambyGaslight of #BrianAugustyn and #MikeMignola. (Theory that I support @la_cuevadeale)
📌 Peto: is based on the design of #LeeBermejo in # BatmanNöel and #BatmanDamned.
📌 Bracelets: this is the least common of a Batman suit, as it seems to be based on the #Talon bracelets of #LaCortedelosBuhos (#TheCourtofOwls) of #ScottSnyder and #GregCapullo
📌 Belt and Muslera: it is clearly based on the design of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, but of #BatmanZeroYear.
📌 Shoulder pads: probably the only thing that is not based on a particular comic.
📌 Chest Bat symbol: reminds a little of the original Golden Age symbol, where the bat had no ears, but it is also original from this film.
What do you think? I read them."

Kevin Smith's chest insignia as an armor plate idea might be at play with that bat logo. The scenario involves Batman fashioning the protective layer from Joe Chill's gun, that's right the gun that killed his parents. Fans seem to have gravitated to this idea, so we'll have to see how that ends up shaking out. The filmmaker has even commented on the speculation himself and joked about that stunt suit that was all over social media this week as the shooting grows more intense on The Batman.

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🗞️ Noticias Cinenauticas 🦇 The Batman Se han filtrado imágenes del rodaje de la película de #TheBatman de #MattReeves y ahora podemos ver perfectamente el traje (sin la capa, que posiblemente la insertaran por CGI). No voy a poner todas las imágenes que se subieron a las redes sociales, ya que son todas las mismas, sino que voy a desglosar las referencias a los cómics que tiene el traje que se pondrá #RobertPattinson en el film: 📌 Capucha: parece estar basada en la del #Batman de #GothambyGaslight de #BrianAugustyn y #MikeMignola. (Teoría que apoyo de @la_cuevadeale) 📌 Peto: está basado en el diseño de #LeeBermejo en #BatmanNöel y #BatmanDamned. 📌 Brazaletes: esto es lo menos común de un traje de Batman, ya que parece estar basado en los brazaletes del #Talon de #LaCortedelosBuhos (#TheCourtofOwls) de #ScottSnyder y #GregCapullo 📌 Cinturón y Muslera: está basado claramente en el diseño también de Scott Snyder y Greg Capullo, pero de #BatmanZeroYear. 📌 Hombreras: probablemente sea lo único que no esté basado en un cómic en especial. 📌 Símbolo del Murciélago del pecho: recuerda un poco al símbolo original de la Golden Age, dónde el murciélago no tenía orejas, pero también es original de este film. ¿Ustedes que opinan? Los leo.

A post shared by Cinenautas (@cinenautas.ok) on's own Spencer Perry talked about the possibility of the gun insignia being true. Here's how he described the scene from Detective Comics #1000.

"There is precedent for Batman using the weapons that killed his parents in his costume though. The story "Manufacture for Use" in Detective Comics #1000 by Kevin Smith and Jim Lee told the tale of Bruce Wayne wearing a disguise and buying the gun used by Joe Chill at a seedy pawn shop in Gotham. He then melted down the gun into an armor plate that he wears underneath the insignia of his costume delivering a heartbreaking monologue about it."

The Batman is currently scheduled to forge its way into theaters June 25, 2021.