Robert Pattinson's The Batman Reportedly Set On DC's Earth-2

We knew The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson was going to be its own standalone part of the DC Films Universe - but apparently, Warner Bros. is giving director Matt Reeves universe its own official designation. In a new in-depth report about DC Films canceling several big film productions in the wake of Zack Snyder's Justice League, the subject of The Batman's relation to other upcoming DC movies had to be addressed. While WB and DC Films will be consolidating their shared universe continuity into one rebooted timeline after The Flash movie, The Batman will exist in the separate "Earth-2" universe of the DC Multiverse.

Here's what Heat Vision got from its discussion with sources at Warner Bros:

"Except for The Batman, which is set on an alternate Earth known to geeks as Earth-2, DC is plotting its films and shows to share the same universe. Key to setting up its new status quo will be The Flash (Nov. 4, 2022)..."

This is a curious (if not surprising) approach for Warner Bros. and DC Films to take. Setting aside the conversation about why the studio is reversing course on its announced plan for a sprawling multiverse of franchises, it seems rather specific that The Batman is being set on Earth-2. As DC Comics fans know, these alternate earths don't tend to focus on just one alternate version of a character - they have entire alternate sets of DC characters, to play with. So just how "standalone" will The Batman truly be?

the batman batmobile robert pattinson
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

We already know that Matt Reeves is set up for and universe-expanding HBO Max series centered on the Gotham City P.D. - how far will the boundaries of that universe continue to expand? Beyond the scope of just Batman characters? Or will Pattinson's Batman essentially be the only "superhero" in a more dark and grounded world of DC Films projects?

In a strange way, it feels like we still are circling the same questions/issues like the failed "DCEU" that attempted to launch a decade ago. The mandate from WB execs to end Zack Snyder's chapter of the franchise; a standalone Batman franchise; and a shared universe franchise that announces all kinds of projects, which never materialize in theaters. Yeah, we've definitely been here before...

Despite massive roadblocks from the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Batman has wrapped filming. The buzz around the Batman reboot is strong, and fans are just waiting for that next full-fledged trailer to drop.


The Batman will be in theaters on March 4, 2022.