'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "The Trial of the Flash"

“The Trial of the Flash” begins with Barry getting his mugshots taken after being apprehended [...]

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"The Trial of the Flash" begins with Barry getting his mugshots taken after being apprehended for the murder of Clifford Devoe. He's being interrogated by Captain Singh, and reassures his boss that he didn't do it.

Barry's released on house arrest, and he meets with Team Flash at STAR Labs. They try thinking of ways to get Barry out of trouble, and Barry insists that he go through the justice process.

Joe pulls Ralph aside and tells him he needs his "underhanded private investigator" help.

The Devoes are talking in their lair, and Marlize is somewhat upset that Devoe's switched bodies. The two talk and embrace.

Barry's trial starts with opening statements.

At a Central City bank, a man is opening a savings account. When he's done he turns to walk out, but everyone he walks by faints and falls to the ground.

Back at Barry's trial, the prosecutor shows the jury the restraining order Devoe filed against him. He then shows the jury the murder weapon, a knife he received as a wedding gift.

Joe's phone goes off, and he's warned of the metahuman attack at the bank. Iris stays behind at the courthouse while Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin go to check out the scene.

The prosecution has called Captain Singh as a witness, and he gets questioned by both the prosecutor and Cecille, who happens to be representing Barry.

Elsewhere, Joe and Dibny are spying on the Devoes, and they get a picture of the couple, with Cliff's new body, kissing.

Cecille has pulled Barry and Iris aside during a recess. She recommends one of two routes: taking a plea deal or Barry admitting that he's the Flash.

Caitlin walks in to the lab with the medical reports of the people from the bank. The reports reveal that the people all suffered from radiation poisoning. Cisco nicknames the metahuman Fallout.

Back at the trial, Marlize has now taken the stand. Joe and Dibny walk in with the photos they took of the Devoe's kissing and hand them to Cecille to enter into evidence. The judge allows the photos into evidence, and Cecille starts questioning Marlize on the photos.

Marlize tells the jury a story of how she met Lance, the body Cliff took over, at a gala for ALS, and it seems like the jury believes her, and she steps down from the stand.

Iris follows Marlize out of the court room and questions her on her motives for framing Barry for murder. Marlize reveals they have a master plan for the world, but stops short of revealing what it is.

Alarms start to go off on STAR Labs, signaling a presence of radiation somewhere in Central City. They go to check out the alert and find it's a truck hauling nuclear waste. When they wave the truck on, thinking they've made a mistake, we see that it's Fallout who's driving the truck.

Iris walks back into the court room and interrupts the trial. She's about to tell everyone that Barry's the Flash when Barry uses a power that allows both of the pair to move faster than anyone else so they can't be seen or heard. Barry reassures her that he's made the decision not to tell anyone, and she agrees that it must remain a secret.

Barry zooms back to his table and the trial continues.

Joe and Dibny go back to the Devoe household, and Joe reveals his plan of planting evidence inside the house to frame Marlize for the murder. Ralph talks to Joe about the difference between right and wrong, and Joe decides not to plant the evidence after all.

At the courthouse, both the prosecution and defense rest their case.

Fallout exits a bus and begins walking down the street, knocking everyone out that he passes by. He notices they all fall and he asks himself what's going on, showing that he isn't aware of the powers he possesses.

Barry's phone rings with a warning that Fallout's about the explode. He's able to convince the judge to let him leave. The radiation radiating from Fallout is too hot for Barry, so Cisco and Wells convince Caitlin to turn into Killer Frost.

Cisco vibes himself and Caitlin to the scene, and the latter tries to freeze him, but he's able to overpower her and knock her out.

Barry begins to speed around Fallout, hoping to create a vacuum that contains Fallout's energy. Fallout begins to turn nuclear and Cisco's able to vibe all of the energy to Earth-15, a dead Earth.

Back at the court house, the jury foreman reads out the verdict they've come to. They've found Barry guilty of murder in the first degree.

Barry meets with everyone at STAR Labs, and, thanks to the TV, he finds out he's been found guilty. Back at the court house, Barry sees The Thinker go into a nearby room, and he confronts the man who framed him. Devoe reveals he has Dominic's telepathic abilities.

Barry enters the courtroom for sentencing. At the same time, Singh holds a press conference to give the Flash an award for stopping the nuclear threat earlier in the day. Cut back to the courthouse and the judge gives Barry a life sentence.

Barry's taken to his jail cell, and it's shown that it's the cell his father Henry was in when he was wrongfully convicted of murder.