'The Flash': Who Is Spencer Young?

Over the past half-decade, The Flash has given fans entirely new takes on DC Comics villains -- [...]

Over the past half-decade, The Flash has given fans entirely new takes on DC Comics villains -- and it looks like tonight's episode is no exception.

Mild spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "News Flash", below!

Tonight's episode saw Team Flash crossing paths with Spencer Young (Kiana Madiera), a social media mogul who is attempting to get details on the newest hero to enter Central City, Nora Allen/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

While her DC Comics roots might not be overwhelmingly obvious, Spencer is actually a genderbent take on Spin, a villain who debuted in the pages of the "Fast Money" arc in 2008.

In the comics, Spin is known simply as Mr. Auerbach, the son of a media mogul who ultimately ends up becoming the owner of Keystone City's news channel. While trying to work his way up to that point, Auerbach becomes aware of Edwar Martinez, a metahuman with the ability to make people's deepest fears a reality.

Auerbach ultimately kidnaps Edwar and holds him hostage in the basement of KN News, using the man's powers to operate as Spin. By forcing Edwar to watch news coverage, Auerbach was able to play directly into the worst fears of Central City, creating a backdrop to be able to do his crimes.

This takes a dark twist after Auerbach sees Wally West/The Flash express his financial misfortunes on television. Auerbach convinces citizens to head to the Keystone City stadium, where Wally is forced to steal the attendees' valuables. Unsurprisingly, this causes the public to start distrusting The Flash, and Auerbach and Edwar make matters worse for Wally by summoning Grodd into Keystone City. In the fight against Grodd, Edwar was ultimately released from his prison, essentially robbing Spin of his power.

It's pretty safe to say that The Flash is putting a twist on what readers might already know about Spin, although context clues around her debut certainly hint at a similar sort of fear-exploiting powers. And with Madiera expected to play a recurring role in The Flash's fifth season, fans will ultimately just have to wait and see what she has in store.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.