The Flash: The Monitor to Appear in Season 6 Premiere

During Arrow's Season 7 finale The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), who fans first met during last [...]

During Arrow's Season 7 finale The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), who fans first met during last fall's "Elseworlds" crossover event, arrived in Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) happily ever after to reveal the hero's impending death and recruit him to try to stop a coming cataclysm. While fans expected something like that as it was speculated that Oliver had somehow bargained for the lives of his friends, The Flash and Supergirl, in the crossover, the scene confirmed it. Now, though, during The Flash's panel on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con it was revealed that it isn't just Oliver who knows of his impending death -- Barry Allen will, too.

During the panel, series star Grant Gustin revealed that The Monitor pays Central City a visit in the season premiere and lets Barry know that the end is near.

"The Monitor shows up in our first episode," Gustin said. "I think our connection is our impending demise... They can keep making the show without me."

Now, they probably really can't make The Flash without, you know, the Flash, but showrunner Eric Wallace did elaborate that when The Monitor shows up this fall, he "says the universe is in danger and the only way to save it is for Barry to sacrifice himself." It's news that will be very difficult for Barry and will sort of set a tone for things.

"It's tough hearing you're supposed to die."

Of course, The Monitor's arrival in the season premiere isn't the only important piece of Crisis-related news that came out of The Flash panel. It was also revealed that Tom Cavanagh, who has played various incarnations of Harrison Wells on the series as well as The Flash's archnemesis Eobard Thawne, will be playing Pariah in "Crisis".

"As part of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' crossover, not only will Tom be playing the two character we heard here, he will also be playing Pariah as part of the crossover," Wallace revealed. "He works for the Anti-Monitor."

"In the original miniseries, it's Pariah who is very much integral in releasing the Anti-Multiverse," he continued. "For Tom to play such a pivotal character... it's just going to tear your guts out and make you cry." The reason behind Cavanagh's new role, which will be revealed at the end of the first "graphic novel," will "lead up to a very, very big twist at the end of the Bloodwork case that launches 'Crisis."

The Flash's sixth season will begin Tuesday, October 8th, at 8/7c on The CW. The Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" launches in December on The CW.