'The Flash' Star Tom Cavanagh on Playing Harry Again

The death of H.R. in the season three finale of The Flash left fans wondering which version of [...]

The death of H.R. in the season three finale of The Flash left fans wondering which version of Harrison Wells actor Tom Cavanagh would play next. As it turns out, Earth-2's Harry would return for the show's fourth season and now Cavanagh is opening up about what it's like to play Harry again.

In an interview during a recent visit to the set of The Flash, Cavanagh said that while he tries to bring something different each time, showrunner Greg Berlanti had specific ideas about which version of Wells fit the team the best.

"I always try and do something different," Cavanagh said. "There's stuff coming up that I can't really speak of. But, Greg Berlanti -- you may have heard of him -- we were talking over which guy we thought added to the team the most. It's difficult for someone writing an hour-long to be that adept at comic writing, so H.R. is a bit of a challenge. But, Harry is sparse and curt and fits in well, it seems. He likes these people despite himself."

Harry is also not exactly the most socially fluent character on the show, and that's something that Cavanagh said brings a good balance to the team, especially when the rest of the cast and characters are so "winning."

"But, again, his social graces are poor and lacking" Cavanagh explains. "So, that's a nice little thing because Danielle, who plays Dr.Snow, is so winning. Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco, is so winning. Grant is so winning. Jesse is so winning. Candice is ... And on and on. It's nice to have somebody who is no fun at all. It adds a nice little element."

But having multiple versions of Wells around is also a nice little element and Cavanagh said that fans can expect more and new versions this season.

"Then, of course, we have an arc to him which I won't reveal right now," he said. "Then, of course, we make it a point to throw different ones in. In the crossover, you'll see me playing Harry the Good, but, also, you'll see me play Eobard Thawne again, and sometimes those two facing off against each other. One of my favorite scenes ever doing The Flash was when H.R. -- who loved Harry, and Harry who hated H.R. -- shared scenes together."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW