The Flash's Amanda Pays Wants To Sing With Supergirl In Musical Crossover

Amanda Pays, who co-starred in CBS' 1990s The Flash opposite John Wesley Shipp's Barry Allen, previously returned to CW's The Flash to reprise her role as Dr. Tina McGee

Dr. McGee was an expert geneticist, who was Barry's main ally and love interest. When Pays' alter ego returned to Central City in CW's The Flash, she was an employee of the rival company to STAR Labs

In's latest episode of Flash Back Amanda Pays says she would love to return to latest incarnation of The Flash for the highly-anticipated Flash / Supergirl Crossover Musical.

"Oh definitely! Yes, I would love to do that. I'd love to sing an Elton John about that?"

How wonderful would it be it the upcoming musical brought back characters from the 1990s? We already have the original Flash in the mix with Jay Garrick, so why not include Dr. McGee?

The Supergirl and The Flash Musical will bring fans original music and, of course, dancing.

Greg Berlanti, an executive producer on the series, recently spoke with IndieWire about the musical and said he'd love the mash-up to have original music. "I have a few ideas for tone and style in my head but we're just starting to talk about what that can be. I do want to try and get an original piece of music written," he said. "As we make a deal on that we'll probably make some announcements on the original songs."


The crossover will take place in the thirteenth episodes of each series, which will likely air in February.

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