Watch James Gunn And The Suicide Squad Cast Surprise Fans On Zoom

In the latest edition of Fan Surprise videos, the cast and director of The Suicide Squad formed up [...]

In the latest edition of Fan Surprise videos, the cast and director of The Suicide Squad formed up on a Zoom meeting to surprise DC Comics fans who thought they were coming to play a trivia game. What they did not know is that while they were introducing themselves and their personal DC fandom, the cast and director were listening with their cameras and microphones turned off and muted. Director James Gunn and stars Margot Robbie, Sylvester Stallone, Joel Kinnaman, Daniela Melchior, and David Dastmalchian were ready and waiting to offer up the most unexpected surprise!

"Really, honestly, this is the best part of the day for me," Gunn told one fan. "It's meeting you and the couple of other people we just met who are actual fans. It beats everything else we've done today!"

"We just wanted to say hi," Robbie told a fan who learned she was not here for trivia. Robbie also went on to open up to one fan about how badly she also wants to see her Harley Quinn share the screen with Poison Ivy. Through three films, the enthusiasm from Robbie and the films continues to shine through! "The main difference in this one is that we see Harley at a different point in her life," Robbie said. "She is no longer in a relationship with Mr. J and she's no longer heartbroken that she's no longer in a relationship with Mr. J. She's single and ready to mingle and she's always causing carnage wherever she goes!"

Gunn, according to's 5-star review of The Suicide Squad, flexed every creative muscle he has for The Suicide Squad. "With this movie, I really was like, 'I am going to recommit myself 100% to the creative process," Gunn said. "This is about taking risks, it's about having fun. It's about making a big spectacle film on a big budget like something that people have never seen before, yet that was still completely entertaining...It wasn't like I was making an art film in my bedroom that's gonna be seen and not understood by anyone. I wanted to make something that was fun but also creative and also risky."

This is the latest Fan Surprise video, following Gal Gadot surprising fans ahead of Wonder Woman 1984 and her director Patty Jenkins doing the same. This was followed most recently by Vin Diesel and the F9 cast pulling off a Fan Surprise with, as well! For more exciting, fun videos like this one, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking into it through the video at the top of this article!

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