'Titans': "Asylum" Gives Fans a Better Look at the Shows' Batmobile

After making a quick appearance in last week's episode of Titans, the Batmobile reappeared in [...]

After making a quick appearance in last week's episode of Titans, the Batmobile reappeared in today's episode, titled "Asylum."

While it was far in the background and blurry, the iconic car got a few solid seconds of screen time and a wider shot, so that this episode represents the best-yet look at Batman's set of wheels on the show.

You can check out a pair of images below.

Recently, an entire gallery of concept art images were released, giving fans a sense of the design aesthetic that went into the new Batmobile and a number of possibilities they considered along the way.

Most of them were pretty clearly drawn from the comics, although some seemed more general. In the case of the car seen here, it looks like a blend of something from the comics with the Adam West Batmobile of the '60s, given the prominence of red trim on the images seen below.

batmobile titans 1
(Photo: DC Entertainment)
batmobile titans 2
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

As opposed to recent iterations of the iconic car, there aren't any giant Gatling guns or turrets latched to the hood or the side of the car. The tires are normal size and it seems this Batmobile favors a more minimalist style. Where Christopher Nolan's take on the car was a straight up military vehicle converted into Batman's main ride, this car is more in line with Batman: The Animated Series or Batman 1989, and honestly has more in common with James Bond car than other recent Batmobiles.

One of the newest Titans promos revealed a silhouette of Batman in costume, and fans were saying the design was very much in keeping with Ben Affleck's Batman suit. At the same time, Titans has been practically trolling fans with the fact that Batman will not be appearing in the show at any time in the foreseeable future, so all of these teases of his iconic gadgets, vehicles and lairs is somewhat cruel!

However, while Batman may not show, there is still plenty of intrigue as Dick Grayson is now set on the path to becoming Nightwing, while Titans' Jason Todd may meet the same dark fate as his comic book predecessor.

Titans is available on the DC Universe app now and updates with new episodes every Friday.