Jason Todd's Robin Debuts in Latest Episode of 'Titans'

The latest episode of DC Universe's Titans is called 'Together', and chronicles the moment when [...]

The latest episode of DC Universe's Titans is called "Together", and chronicles the moment when the Titans really start to come together as a team. The episode really revolves around Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) who is still reluctant to reveal his secret identity as Robin to his new companions.

Dick puts the rest of the Titans through a game of "Show and Tell" with their powers early on in the episode, but will only explain that his pwoer is 'Keeping them alive.' Kori (Anna Diop) knows that Dick is hiding something, and tries to coax it out of him - by way of some late-night tequila and sex. Dick still wont open up, even when being intimate - but as it turns out, the key to his feelings is actually much more violent.

During the night the team is once again ambushed by The Nuclear Family, and despite their best efforts, the Titans find themselves getting thrashed. That all changes when Robin finally dons his Robin costume and reveals who he really is. Robin leads the charge that has the team take down the Nuclear Family, and afterwards Dick Grayson follows the breadcrumbs back to their leader Dr. Adamson, who informs Dick that there's a larger organization running the show, and that they are now both on their hit list.

The Doctor's warning proves timely, as he's promptly assassinated by an invading hit squad. Despite his best efforts to fight, Dick gets beat down and is about to become the next victim of the attack, but he gets a last-second save from someone who bursts in and takes out the assassins with brutal efficiency - someone wearing a suit just like Dick's Robin armor. As the episode ends, the mysterious savior introduces himself: he's Jason Todd (Curran Walters), the New Robin!

Fans of DC Comics' Batman and Titans lore already know what a big deal it is to have Jason Todd introduced into the live-action DC Universe. The character is a pivotal one: he served as Batman's second Robin after Dick Grayson broke ranks with Batman; brash and headstrong, Todd eventually met a tragic fate, as he was beaten to death by The Joker. Jason was later resurrected by Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pits, and became the troubled vigilante killer known as Red Hood. After finally getting his head (somewhat) straight, Red Hood has become the leader of an anti-hero squad known as Red Hood and the Outlaws.

In terms of this live-action Titans show, the introduction of Jason Todd is important for an entirely different reason: in having to face the fact that Batman has moved on to a new Robin, Dick will have to continue trying to find that middleground between being a cop and being his real self (a vigilante and leader). That search could soon lead him to shed his identity as Robin for good, and pick up a new identity as Nightwing.

We'll learn more about Jason Todd in the next episode of Titans, which is appropriately titled, "Jason Todd".

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