Titans Showrunner Says the Team's History Plays Important Role in Season 2

In just a short week, the flagship series of DC Universe returns to the streaming service, with [...]

In just a short week, the flagship series of DC Universe returns to the streaming service, with Titans Season 2 set to premiere on September 6th. But while the series will have to deal with the threat of Trigon and Dick Grayson succumbing to darkness, it looks like it will quickly move on to deal with the threat of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. But this isn't a new villain for the former Robin, because Deathstroke already had a run in with a previous group of heroes that called themselves the Titans.

The new season will further flesh out Robin's former team with Wonder Girl, Hawk & Dove, and Aqualad, as well as the events that broke them apart. I caught up with Titans showrunner Greg Walker to find out more about the history of the Titans, why they broke up, and why they're back together.

"Both the Titans history to the books and Titans history from what we think happened during the intermitting years between when the Titans first formed, when they broke up, and the present [play into Season 2]. So there's a lot of backstory that gets revealed that was lurking in the shadows last season."

The first season dealt with aspects of family and legacy, revealing why the former Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven collided in a mix of conspiracy, prophecy, and happenstance. And Walker teased that Titans Season 2 will reveal how their tragic histories continue to haunt them.

Walker added, "There's so much about this season that's about how families deal with the sins of the past and how unless you deal with them, they're a cancer that eats away at you."

The original Teen Titans comics from Marv Wolfman and George Perez continue to be their North Star on the series, as families and legacy played a major role in that classic DC Comics run as well.

"That's one we're the most interested in writing, and I think it's in the Wolfman, Perez work too. At first it would be teenagers rebelling against their families, and then having to... at some point you can't define yourself, or you can no longer define yourself as being against your family, you just want a family of your own and then how do you deal with that? So the challenges and pressures of wanting a family and keeping it together are a big themes for this season."

Titans Season 2 premieres on DC Universe on September 6th.