Tyler Hoechlin Won't Compare His Superman To Henry Cavill's Man Of Steel


Before he dons Superman's classic red and blue, fans can see Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin in Everybody Wants Some!!, director Richard Linklater's comedy that's due out on streaming services this week.

It was in the course of doing international press for that film that Hoechlin, who was officially cast in the role of Clark Kent/Superman earlier this week, was asked to compare what he's doing on Supergirl to the big-screen version fo the Man of Steel in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as depicted by English actor Henry Cavill.

"I never try to compare and contrast performances because it's such an iconic character already," Hoechlin told the Daily Mail. "Superman is Superman so I'm just going to try to carry on the tradition of that and play that part."

Of course, there are some pretty self-evident differences; Man of Steel and Batman V Superman came from a grounded, very real world where the existence of Superman had Doctor Manhattan-level consequences on global politics and national security. Supergirl, on the other hand, is more lighthearted, inspired by the earlier generation of Superman films as established by Richard Donner.

In keeping with that, it isn't the scope and scale of Superman's powers that Hoechlin talked about when asked what excited him, and it wasn't finding out whether or not the Man of Tomorrow will wear red trunks or not. It was Clark Kent.


"I think the fun is going to be finding where Clark Kent is in this world," Hoechlin said. "I'm just excited to find out Clark's sense of humor."

Hoechlin will appearon the first two episodes of Supergirl, debuting in the fall on The CW. The series will return to prodcution soon in Vancouver. New episodes will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT starting on October 17 on The CW.