Warner Bros. Panel Recap

It's time for one of the biggest panels at San Diego Comic-Con, and that would be the Warner Bros. [...]

It's time for one of the biggest panels at San Diego Comic-Con, and that would be the Warner Bros. panel.

The panel is going to include some big heavy hitters, from Aquaman and Shazam! to Godzilla: King of the Monsters to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our live recap.

Montage of movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, It, Suicide Squad, Blade Runner, Mad Max, Fantastic Beasts, Lego Batman, Wonder Woman, WB Logo.

Aisha Tyler comes to the stage, delivers intro.

Fantastic Beasts footage hits, Newt looks at the audience and the bracelets they gave out light up as he lifts his wand. Parish symbol goes up, comic-like images hit the screen. Eddie Redmayne comes out live on the stage and uses his want as the bracelets light up.

If he had been in the HP franchise other than the FB franchise, what character would you have wanted to play? "I'd love to be Hagrid. He loves these creatures more than Newt does. That's who I'd choose."

The cast of Fantastic Beasts comes out. Ezra Miller is wearing a pink Toad outfit (Mario) with lingerie stockings and vest.

New trailer hits:

Hogwarts shown. I'm scared professor Dumbledore." Everyone is scared of something". He puts Newt up next in a training session and he conjures an office desk "Having to work in an office sir (manifests his fear). "Magic blooms only in rare souls (Grindenwald) still in skulking shadows". Wizards move the prisoner up the stairs. "The old ways serve us no longer" (Grindenwald). Crazy cat creatures with bulging eyes appear. Dumbledore meets Newt. "I can't move against Grindenwald. It has to be you. In your shoes, I'd probably refuse too. Good evening Newt." Dumbledore disappears. Giant blue fire dragon attacks, "You've never met a monster you couldn't love." Chariot in the sky fighting, Grindelwald says "Do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you?" Showdown between Grindelwald and Newt. "Are you God. No, I'm alive, I'm an alchemist but I'm immortal. Reveals his name is Nicolas Flamel

When someone asked what they wish they could do with magic, one of the cast says impeach Trump. The spell offered is Impeachus Maximus.

How old is Dumbledore in this movie, and how different is he from other films.

Law: "Did you just say awesome Judeness? He's a very sprightly 45. I love the fact that he's called young Dumbledore because I'm 45 and I'm clinging onto that. You've got to remember the Dumbledore we've known and loved from the Harry Potter films is over 100 years old," Law said. He's got secrets", and also says he is slightly manipulative.

"Crimes of Grindelwald: You came today because you crave something new, something different. The moment has come, open your minds, and I will share with you the future" Depp's voice and the bracelets light up. He shows up in costume as Grindelwald on the stage.

Jason Momoa Aquaman is in the new clip for the LEGO Movie 2 as Batman makes fun of him and says he's supposed to be a nerd in orange and green spandex. Then that classic Aquaman shows up right next to him. Momoa says he's embarrassing him and then says "My Man!" and leaves.

Chris Pratt comes to the stage with Elizabeth Banks and the whole cast and directors for LEGO Movie 2.

t's 5 years later story-wise.

Footage hits for LEGO Movie 2.

Wildstyle looks out on a barren landscape as Pete brings her coffee, interrupting her brooding. Ships launch in the sky and hover over the city. Batman in Mad Max gear shoots some ships out of the sky. An adorable little Star is stuck in the closing gate, "oh the pain, it's so cold". Emmet opens gate to save it and the invader captures Wildstyle. Harley Quinn says his rescue mission is a suicide mission. He goes off by himself. Rex Dangervest is a combination of all of Pratt's parts (Jurassic Park, Star-Lord, etc). They compare vests. Vest Friends (Raptors on his ship. Tiffany Haddish is a unicorn but turns into a three-eyed Octopus. Has captured Lucy, Unikitty, and Batman. Batman is lowered into his Batcave that he rules over into a throne. He says you're welcome."

Godzilla time. Long Live The King hits the screen. Trailer hits."The mass extinction we feared has already begun," Millie is looking at tons of smoke and debris closing in on her on a rooftop. It's original and rightful rulers the Titans, These creatures have remained in hiding around the world. Ghidorah is shown in ice or stasis. Godzilla rises out of the water, Mothra spreads wings. Roman launches above a volcano. Montage of people on the ground amidst chaos, Dozens of monsters above the capital. Fighter jets fighting Rodan, Ghidorah is shown with all three heads and unfurls wings. Godzilla ends it with his trademark roar. The release date is revealed as May 31st, 2019.

DC presentation starts. Images of Aquaman. Shazam, Wonder Woman (all comic art) 1984, Justice League, Green Lantern, Darkseid ()New 52).

The cast of Wonder Woman 84, Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine, Gal Gadot hit the stage.

Why 84?. Jenkins: "That era (1917) was the beginning of the modernized world. This is its entirely own 80s movie and its own thing reason why it really was mankind at its best and worst. We're aware of some of the prices of our behavior nowadays but back then we weren't. Great music and elegant and incredible things of the 80s too but also revealing the worst of us. To have Wonder Woman visit a period of time as us at our most extreme."

Footage (3 and a half weeks into production). We wanted to give something back to you guys (Gadot).

Only this room gets the rough cut.

Footage: Wonder Woman lands in the mall in full costume, with a little girl saying oh my gosh as Wonder Woman tosses her into a plush bear while apprehending two gunmen and crushing their guns. She hips her lasso around them runs the other direction and less off the platform to the level below. Then she runs down the street in full dash mode in full costume. Clip ends.

"The thing that I love most about Wonder Woman is that I feel she is us more than other superheroes," Jenkins said. "People find themselves in Wonder Woman and the Wonder Woman in us. She made each of us believe in the Wonder Woman in us."

"It's not a sequel, it's its own story. It's own chapter, a whole new movie," Gadot said. "The bar is very high, but our aspirations are even higher. so we just give it everything that we have and hoping what we bring you guys will love."

"I never want to do more of everything for the wrong reason, and i was very thoughtful of that when working on the second one," Jenkins said. "I don't even want to go that place in my head, like how do you keep it going etc, etc. It's not more of anything though it is evocative of what made it great the first time."

It releases November 1st, 2019

Next up is Shazam!.

The cast of Shazam! walks out, Zachary Levi comes out with a beer that he says Momoa gave him backstage. "This is complete wish fulfillment," Levi said. I still wake up to this day hoping that I transformed in the night and I can fly or transport or something."

Trailer Shazam hits.

"You've run from foster homes in six counties". "I can take care of myself (Billy Batson)." Give these people a chance, because that's what they're giving you." Billy meets Freddie, who says "it gets real Game of Thrones around here"., and then laughs. Newspaper is on the wall. Bill defends Freddie from bullies by hitting them with a crutch and then ends up on the subway. While he's there a voice says I choose you and symbols flash on the LEDs, and the glass freezes over. Wizard confronts him and tells him to say his name so his powers flow through him. He tells him what to say and Billy laughs, but then he says it and transforms into Shazam!. Freddie touches the lightning bolt and a surge of energy manifest. Shazam then tries to work out his powers, and then goes by everyone charging their phone with his lightning, he tries to hit someone but an old er man stops his punch. He then confronts two thugs in a convince store and throws them out the window with chrisms lights. He walks out with sodas alongside Freddie. Then he turns from Billy to Shazam to end the trailer.

Rest of cast and director comes out on stage.

How would Shazam fare against Superman? "Captain Marvel Shazam is one of the only characters who can go toe to toe with Supes faux Kal-El.," Levi said. (the person who asked the question was shirtless and said his name was Superman).

Will Iris show up in the movie? "Well, we'll just have to see," Sandberg said.

Levi is owning this panel right now by the way, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Are you going to be doing name change jokes in the movie? "Well, I mean you're going to have to wait till April 5, 2019, to find that answer."


Momoa comes out as Aquaman logo is on screen with tides of water. Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yanna Abdul Raheem, James Wan all come out on stage.

What can you tell us about making this film? Momoa: I've said it before I have this rash right here (points to thigh) from James, wearing the harnesses all the time. We drowned Yaya.

Yaya: One of the challenges I thought I would have to face was having to swim. I can explain. I get the audition, I send in the tape and I get the call from my agent. I tell my agent this is great and everything but I can't swim. I just did Baywatch and all these water movies but I can't swim. So I secretly learned and taught myself how to swim during the mornings and the evenings. The morning I got there I bought goggles and there are probably months of footage of me getting better and better. I didn't ever have to swim during the movie.

"They're wet 20 oz denim (his pants), they're not leather," Momoa said. "He's like get into this cool stance, do it cooler, and I'm like James I'm bottoming out here!"


The lighthouse is shown, finds Atlanna on the beach. They show young Arthur, who is confronted by bullies, but a Shark comes to his aid in the Aquarium. They made me what I am. Aqua man barges into a submarine, takes out thugs. Mera says I've been looking for you. Orm is declaring war on the surface world. Shows Orm. "That was the worst pep talk ever," Arthur says. Shows Atlantis, sea turtles and cool technology in Atlantis. Orm said "my brother has come to the surface to challenge me for the throne." "I call it an ass whooping," Arthur says. Aquaman is lifting a giant submarine from the ocean. "I came because I have eno choice and to save the people that I love," Arthur says. The Trench is shown swarming the ocean and fighting. Black Manta shown. The Fisherman King. Mera in the ocean,. Black Manta shooting eye beams at Aquaman, Atlantis' armies collide. Logo. Mera jumps from plane. "Red heads , you gotta love em," Arthur says.

Yaya is a fan of Batman and the Joker, so he would like to see a team-up with the Joker, but that's my own thing I'd like to see.

Only Hall H Clip

The lighthouse is shown in a snow globe. "My parents were from different worlds, and I was the product of a love that never should've been". Shows Atlanna leaving Arthur and his dad diving into the water. Arthur heads toward the submarine. "You are the bridge between land and sea. Take your rightful place as King. DC logo shows. The plane flies over dessert, we're getting close now Mera tells Arthur. They find a cave underneath the sand. This is vast. It's real Mera says. She puts an ancient key into the device and it doesn't move. Of course, it's not working. Before the Sahara was a dessert, you do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all" Mera tells Arthur. She draws water from his forehead to activate it, it springs to life, turning the gears. Arthur says showoff. we could've just peed on it." In this trident resides the power of Atlantis, hologram of King holding it. If you seek my power, journey to the edge of the world and the hidden sea. In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction, but in the right hands. it would unite al lord kingdoms above and below" When Mera asks Arthur what the King said, he says. Something something trident." The beast has awakened for Atlantis to rise again (Orm says). Explosion and then Black Manta shows up in front of Mera and Arthur. Manta fires his blasts and knocks Arthur back. Another Manta agent crushes through a wall to get to Mera. Mera dodges and leaps to another building, dodging blasts all along the way. Mana fires again at Arthur. Mera runs and leaps to anther rooftop, with Manta's agent right behind. They fall down and Arthur says that was awesome." Shows Orm fighting for the throne. Atlanta is also fighting in a house against other agents. Arthur is shown fighting the trench. Vulko shown. Massive battle. What can be greater than a king? Shows Arthur in his orange and green armor with the trident, straight from the comics.

Momoa slams chair on the stage.