Warner Bros. Studios Announces DC Universe: The Exhibit

Warner Bros Harley

Fans of the DC Universe can now get an up-close look at sets and items from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Both will be on display in a new attraction called DC Universe: The Exhibit, which will be located on the Warner Bros. lot and is part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. The new exhibit will give fans a chance to see Harley Quinn's Belle Reve cell from Suicide Squad, and allow them to take a quick selfie inside if they so choose.

For Batman V Superman fans, it will include an interactive Kryptonite experience, where you will have to put on gloves to get your hands on Superman's Achilles heel. After that, fans can head over and use the voice modulator to throw out their best Batman imitation. Of course, the exhibit will also feature numerous costumes and props from the films as well.

"Since 1934, DC Comics has built a legacy of creating the world's greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains," said Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood's Executive Director, Danny Kahn. "DC Universe: The Exhibit gives you the chance to explore the world of these characters from their first comic book appearance to our latest feature blockbusters."


The exhibit is set to open on May 24th, and you can buy tickets here.