Y: The Last Man Writer Offers Update on the New TV Series

Few things are hotter in the world of movies and TV than comic book adaptations, with studios and networks hoping to find ways to bring all sorts of stories to life inspired by well-known titles. Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man was one of the most acclaimed comic book series of the 2000s, as it delivered not only a fascinating sci-fi premise but also offered allegories about sexism in our society. FX has been trying to adapt the series for years, facing a number of setbacks, but Vaughan recently offered an update that the project is still on target to debut next year.

Vaughan shared an image of the cover of issue #16 of the series while adding the caption, "The show must go on! Sorry for two Hollywood sellout posts in one day, but I just got back from the writers' room for Y (still coming to FX in 2020!), and I'm very pleased to say the series is in excellent hands with new showrunner [Eliza Clark] and her intimidating squad of all-stars."

He continued, "TV is goddamn hard, and if the last 17 years have taught co-creator [Pia Guerra] and me anything, it's that our story is particularly challenging to adapt, so I'm very grateful to everyone who's helped get Yorick & Co. this far, especially Michael Green and Aïda Croal. Anyway, stay tuned, very good (monkey) shit coming your way soon."

Some of the earliest reports about an adaptation date back nearly a decade, which hinted that that premise would be adapted for a film. News broke in 2015 that FX would be developing the TV series, only to go through a revolving door of showrunners. While a pilot for the series was filmed, it is unclear if that pilot will be completely reworked of if the new showrunner will merely adapt the trajectory of the potential first season.

Stay tuned for details on the Y: The Last Man series.


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