Young Justice: Outsiders Has Been Hiding a Secret Message in Its Episode Titles

With the return of Young Justice on the DC Universe streaming service, the fan-favorite series has [...]

With the return of Young Justice on the DC Universe streaming service, the fan-favorite series has hit the ground running by putting together the Justice League, the Team, and a new group of heroes taking on the combined forces of the Light and Apokolips. And with the evil New Gods waiting in the wings comes the inevitable appearance of Darkseid.

It turns out that every episode title of Young Justice: Outsiders has been hiding a secret message, one that could spell doom for the group of heroes as they attempt to stop a meta-human trafficking ring. Take a look below at the discovery made by journalist Justin Carter:

For those who are well versed in DC Comics lore, "Prepare the Anti-Life" is a haunting phrase that has big implications, as the Anti-Life Equation is basically the one thing that separates Darkseid from conquering the entire universe. Many storylines have chronicled his pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation, and when he does gain control of it he subsequently enslaves entire civilizations.

The threat of Darkseid and Apokolips has been a long game on Young Justice: Outsiders, as the Team is having to deal with the political machinations of the Light while they attempt to thwart them from kidnapping teenagers and turning them into super powered weapons, sold into intergalactic slavery.

But one episode of the series showed what's at stake in the struggle with the New Gods, as Vandal Savage himself has struck a deal with Darkseid that temporarily staved off the Earth's destruction but could mean big repercussions later on. The two entered into a temporary alliance while Apokolips attempts to systematically take over the galaxy; once that goal is achieved, Earth and Apokolips would finally continue and end their war with the winner taking all.

The Justice League and the Team are both unaware of this bargain, but it could be coming up unexpectedly as Young Justice builds toward an epic confrontation with Darkseid.

The next episode of Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Tuesday, July 23rd on DC Universe.