Zack Snyder Announces New Production Company

Fans have Zack Snyders work have been wondering what the filmmaker is going to do in the next [...]

Fans have Zack Snyders work have been wondering what the filmmaker is going to do in the next phase of his career, after the dust from his fallout with Warner Bros.' DC Entertainment Universe finally settled. Snyder launched the careers of Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa's Aquaman - with the latter having just scored DC Entertainment's biggest box office win yet! And yet, Zack Snyder still seems to get a lot of the blame and ridicule for the stumbles of the DC Extended Universe franchise - which is probably why Snyder is ready for a fresh start in his career:

As you can see above, Zack Snyder is launching a new media venture that will be producing film, television, and animation content, under the banner of "The Stone Quarry." Snyder made the announcement on Vero, where he drops most of his major reveals - along with the following teaser description of what The Stone Quarry is all about:

"New Year. New Identity. After 14 amazing years making groundbreaking entertainment under the Cruel & Unusual Films Moniker, we're ecited to unveil our new company identity as we move into 2019 and beyond. Although Cruel & Unusual Films will always be a proud part of our legacy, our new and exciting future creative endeavors will be mined, chiseled and honed in THE STONE QUARRY."

The announcement also calls Stone Quarry as "A sacred creative space that has been four years in the making."

That last bit is especially telling, as Snyder was apparently making plans for it even while working on both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, as well as influencing all the other films under the DCEU banner. Ever since Snyder dropped out of doing Justice League during post-production and reshoots, fans have been wondering just how long he might be sidelined before clearing any lingering legal obligations to WB, and getting back to his own creative work. Well, it seems like now is that time!

This rebranding of Cruel and Unusual seems to be as much a spiritual reboot as much as a business or marketing decision. Zack and wife Deborah Snyder and producer Wesley Coller seems to still the proverbial "we" involved at the core of the business, but other than that, there's not yet much we know about what the company's plans. Regardless, there are thousands and thousands of fans who still love and respect Zack Snyder, and will be just as eager to hear what projects he's developing next as they are for WB to finally #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Justice League.

We'll keep you posted!