Dragon Age's 'Skyhold' Recreated in Minecraft

Hi, yes, hello. It's the resident Dragon Age nutjob here to talk about BioWare's fantasy series once more in any fashion possible. For those that play Minecraft, you know how incredibly peaceful the gameplay mechanics are. The sky is the limit with the creationary tools given, and players have no qualms jumping right in with their impressive creative endeavors. In this particular case, Skyhold is the limit - at least when one dedicated group of BioWare fans decided to recreate the Inquisitor's fortress in a world without a gaping rift in the sky pouring out demons.

Keep in mind, this project isn't new by any means but it was new to me so it's possible there are others that didn't know about it as well. I love seeing how creative the players can be and given that I can't even make a house with four walls, this type of craftsmanship in-game is down right impressive.

Below is Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition:


And below are a few of the images from this work-in-progress. You can even see the Herald's Rest where the Iron Bull and his Chargers drink everyone in the Inquisition under the table. And this Skyhold isn't under the threat of Corypheus, so instantly that's a point for Minecraft's version:

BeFunky-collage (1)

The creator, known as 'The Moses,' also provided a full outline of the structure for this endeavor:


This project is no where near complete but it looks impressive so far! Creating something from a different series can be daunting, but it's an interesting way for fans to pay homage to their favourite games.

There are tons of amazing fan-projects out there with some looking almost spot on given the blocky recreations. It's incredible to see the passion players have for this game, even to this day, and that's only going to get better here on out with the "Better Together" update coming soon to Nintendo Switch!


To see more of this player's work, including more images of Skyhold, you can check out their page right here. For more about the world of Minecraft and its most recent update:

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