Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)


Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)

Here's How to Score 'Overwatch' for $12


With its new Busan map just arriving today and more content likely to be announced during BlizzCon 2018, Overwatch hasn’t lost any of its momentum since its release a couple of years ago. And now PC owners can get it for the lowest price it’s been at yet, along with a few bonus titles!

Humble Bundle’s Humble Monthly program has just set up its games for October, and leading the pack is the standard version of Overwatch! You can score this game by signing up for the program, which only runs $12 a month.

And keep in mind that value becomes even more significant, as you actually get more “mystery games” in the package, which are set to reveal on October 5. It’s unknown just what you’ll be getting, but previous Humble Monthly programs have offered some pretty sweet titles, including Sniper Elite 4, Darksiders II and Battle Chef Brigade -- not a bad little package.

On top of that, staying signed up for the Humble Monthly program will net you some bonus Loot Boxes from the company. “Once you subscribe to October's bundle with Overwatch and more, stick around! You'll score bonus Loot Boxes when you stay subscribed for November and/or December. Loot Boxes are full of awesome items like Skins and Sprays that you can use to customize your fun,” the product page notes. It’s unknown when they’ll arrive, but probably the same day that the November and December bundles release.

You’ve got a few days until this special little Overwatch deal expires -- October 4, to be exact. That means you’ll have to buy in before you see what the mystery games are, but it’s a safe bet when you get Blizzard’s hit multiplayer game as part of the package. Just a quick reminder, tho...you WILL need a Battle.net account to redeem Overwatch with.


Oh, and don’t forget that if you purchase any of Humble Bundle’s offered packages, you can actually score a small discount on your first month of Humble Monthly. It’s for new customers only, but a great way to get started for such a beneficial program for PC owners. Sign up here!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.