"Weak PS4 Demand" Leads to Lowest Point In Sony's Shares In Years

With the PlayStation 4 being over five years old at this point, it is perfectly understandable to see demand for the console begin to make its descent.

That said, the PS4 has been an absolute powerhouse when it comes to sales over the past five years, with over 91 million units having been sold. It will likely break 100 million quicker than any previously released console, save for the PlayStation 2. However, this is likely why investors have their concerns now that the console is seeing a dip in the sales department.

“It’s definitely not as positive as the headline numbers would suggest,” head of Japanese equities at Soochow CSSD Capital Markets in Singapore Andrew Jackson said. “It feels slightly negative overall.” This reaction was due to stock dropping 8.1 percent recently, which is the most it has fallen since September 2015.

The lower demand for the PlayStation 4 is expected, especially as it approaches the end of its life cycle. Not only is the console over five years old, but many are anticipating that we’ll hear something official about the PlayStation 5 in the relatively near future. While Sony’s shares are seeing their lowest point in over three years, the blame isn’t entirely on the gaming side of things.

It was also noted by Bloomberg that Sony’s Xperia phone business is continually losing money. “The market is closely watching for a turnaround in the mobile communications business, but it looks things are worse year-on-year due to a decrease in smartphone unit sales,” said Jackson.


The PlayStation 4 has been doing just fine since launch, but it will likely continue to see a bit of decline as we get closer to the PS5. Either way, there probably isn’t much to worry about unless you’re banking on the mobile side of things.

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