New PS5 Price Rumor Has Some PlayStation Gamers Worried

A new rumor about the PS5 has surfaced, and it has some PlayStation gamers worried how much they could be spending this holiday season. The rumor comes way of verified NeoGAF user, VFX Veteran, who is considered a reliable source by many on the forum. According to the incognito leaker, both Xbox and PlayStation are releasing not one, but two consoles. More specifically, the leaker alleges that both console makers will ship a cheaper console aimed at the more mainstream market and a premium console aimed at the hardcore gaming market.

The leaker claims that the Xbox Series X that Microsoft has already revealed, is its premium console. In other words, there's a base version coming that will be less impressive and cheaper. Sony is apparently matching this with its own two-console approach. The base PS5 will reportedly be inferior to the already revealed Xbox Series X, coming in at 9 teraflops, which is notably less than the Xbox Series X's 12 teraflops. However, there's also a premium version of the PS5 in the works that will match the Xbox Series X in terms of power. According to the user, this is why so many rumors, reports, and leaks are reporting different PS5 specs.

That said, not many more salient details are divulged, but the leaker did say they've heard the premium versions of the consoles will be expensive. They don't currently have a number to share, but they guess both will be around $600. In other words, if you want to the play the truly next-gen PS5, you will need to fork over quite the pretty penny.

Lastly, the rumor notes there's been no word of whether or not the PS5 Pro will release alongside the PS5, but the leaker assumes Sony is planning on releasing them alongside each other.


Of course, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt given the source and given the fact that many rumors about the PS5 and Xbox Series X haven't been very accurate so far.

That said, if you're looking for confirmed news about the PS5, then be sure to check out our recent article that provides the rundown of every PS5 game confirmed so far. Meanwhile, for even more coverage on the next-gen PlayStation console, click here.

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