14 Year Old Being Sued By Fortnite Creators Makes A YouTube Video Response, It's Not Helping

Earlier this week, we broke the news that among the players being sued by Fortnite creator Epic [...]

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Earlier this week, we broke the news that among the players being sued by Fortnite creator Epic Games was a 14 year old whose mom quickly came to his legal defense. She cited that they were using her son as a scapegoat to hide from the "real problem," - those that actually make the cheating software. To see her full list of notations that she used to fight back, you can see our previous coverage here. Now that same kid, the minor being sued for utilising cheating software, has made a YouTube video in response. Warning, it will make you root for Epic Games.

The video opens up with him saying his side of what happened and exactly what software he was using to cheat. It almost even sounds like an endorsement for cheating in online games, which makes this the "Git Gud" poster video of the century. We aren't alone in that assessment either. With an astounding number of downvotes and the comments to boot, it's fairly obvious to see that this wasn't the smartest move this kid could have made in the middle of a legal battle. You know, with actual attorneys.

He discussed why he felt like he was being struck against for doing nothing wrong. He was upset when the developers took his video down. To be clear, cheating in an online game is against the code of conduct. His arguments are circular, and he doesn't really say anything of value.

Usually when people are in a court battle, it's recommended to keep silent about the situation until it is resolved. Clearly he missed this memo. It's unfortunate, after his mother went to bat for him in an effort to downplay the situation. Some cheat, and realise later that in the end - they were wrong. This player absolutely refuses to acknowledge reality, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the court and whether or not this video itself will be used against him.

To see the full letter his mother wrote, you can see her list of counter-arguments here.