This AI is Being Used to Put Characters From 'The Witcher' onto Adult Film Stars' Faces

It's the rule of the internet - Anything out there inevitably has an 'adult' counterpart. The [...]


It's the rule of the internet - Anything out there inevitably has an "adult" counterpart. The Witcher series is no exception and being the game that literally features an amorous scene on top of a magical unicorn, it's not surprising that adult film fans are looking to this franchise for inspiration. Enter this unique AI that now allows fans to essentially graft a character's face onto a person and ... well. You know where this is going.

The AI in question appeared on Deepfakes and it essentially allows any person to become the new face of the adult film industry. Since we're a gaming site, of course we're going to talk about which video game characters this includes and the Witcher seems the most obvious.

The user "deepfake" eventually spawned an entire subreddit which then led to the creation of the FakeApp that allows anyone with their own databases free reign to recreated their own desired scene. The creator himself told Mother Board, "I think the current version of the app is a good start, but I hope to streamline it even more in the coming days and weeks," he said. "Eventually, I want to improve it to the point where prospective users can simply select a video on their computer, download a neural network correlated to a certain face from a publicly available library, and swap the video with a different face with the press of one button."

As far as The Witcher goes, one example is that of the lovely Triss Merigold, the fiery redhead that is a fan favourite. Here's a side by side:

(Photo: FakeApp)

Yennefer, the raven-haired love interest of Geralt, was also a fan favourite, though her grafting looked a little more generic and nothing super true to source material. Still, it's a little weird, a little creepy, and really does kind of make us feel like we're in some weird Black Mirror episode. And don't worry Geralt lovers, there's plenty available for you as well.

Just ... if this is something you pursue, don't be 'that guy'. Consent matters, face-swap responsibly.