'Alien: Blackout' Gets Trademarked by 20th Century Fox

A trademark for something called Alien: Blackout has been created by 20th Century Fox, a trademark [...]

A trademark for something called Alien: Blackout has been created by 20th Century Fox, a trademark that's been filed for use in video games.

Spotted within the World Intellectual Property Organization's database where trademarks for different properties and projects are filed, the name of the supposed Alien game is all that's teased within the trademark's listing. The site shows that 20th Century Fox Film Corporation filed the trademark on November 22nd with the trademark fitting the criteria of both the video game category and one for "providing on-line computer games."

The style of the trademark fits into the mold of the rest of the Alien video games that have been released in the past. Aliens: Colonial Marines released back in 2013, a game that debuted to plenty of criticism but was apparently fixed when a simple typo was corrected earlier in the year, and Alien: Isolation released the year afterwards, a game that was applauded four its claustrophobic and tense setting. Four years later, it looks like a new Alien game announcement might be imminent to put players back alongside the Xenomorphs.

When that reveal may come is unknown, but some people already think they have a good idea of when the game will be announced. The Game Awards isn't too far away with the show scheduled to air on December 6th, a show that's already been teased to have multiple announcements and reveals. People following the show's Twitter account as well as the account of Geoff Keighley, the show's organizer and host, have drawn lines between some teasers shared so far and Weyland-Yutani Corp, the fictional company giant that exists in the Aliens universe.

Along with the reveal date of the project, what the game will actually be is also subject to speculation. It could follow in the footsteps of past games, but it could also switch gears to move towards a virtual reality or mobile medium instead to tell a new story in the Alien universe. Those details remain to be seen until 20th Century Fox fully announces its plans for the trademark.

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