Among Us Will Soon Allow Players to Combat Trolls

Among Us will soon allow it's players to combat trolls. In an update posted to their Steam developer page, Innersloth broke down how they're trying to help users trying to play without the funny business. As with any massively popular online game, there were always going to be some sketchy goings-on with players and how they choose to game the system. Funny enough, the game is all about lying, killing, and sneaking to get what you want. So, it's a little weird, but that's in the gamesmanship in the game. Once people start hacking, someone has to step in to get a handle on things Innersloth is doing just that and the fans are thankful to hear about this development for sure. Among Us came out of nowhere to become an absolute hit, and this kind of listening to the people is a huge reason why.

Hello! It's been pretty crazy for us here at Innersloth. Lots of things happening behind the scenes. We've got a small update here for you all," they began. "Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about the cheating and hacking going on. It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server changes really fast. They seemed to help a lot, but some cheats still work and now there are bugs too. There will be more server updates to fix all of this, but rushing anti-hacks is what caused the bugs, so cleaning things up is a slower process. Also rest assured that any threats made in the game are false and your devices and data are safe. If you see a hacker, ban them or find a different room."

With Among Us so popular, Forest Willard, the co-founder of InnerSloth actually addressed the idea of a home console port. The programmer had some good news on that front for the ever-growing fanbase.

"[A console port is] something we're starting to talk about," Willard said. "But we'd have to write a system for quick comms. It'd basically be for randoms, like Rocket League. I don't know if we'd be able to implement console voice chat or not. I know one of the first things we'd want to add is a friend's list-type account system because it's real hard to do anything without that shit."

Anyone approaching Among Us should know that it's a multiplayer game. Specifically, 4-10 players on a mission to either complete their tasks aboard a space station or get rid of everyone else before they get the chance. Impostors and Cremates to create absolute chaos in a murder mystery setting with funny little space people.


Among Us is now available on PC, Android, and iOS. You can check out all of our previous coverage of gaming right here.

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