Among Us Beta Update Includes Anonymous Votes and More Features

An update released for the beta branch of Among Us has added some new features players noticed recently that are being tested there before they potentially make their way to the live product. While the list is slim for now, it includes some notable changes like the option to make voting anonymous in a match so as to hide players' votes whenever they're trying to cast out an imposter. A release date for the new features in the beta update has not been given nor are they confirmed to even be coming to the game yet.

Though Among Us developer InnerSloth has not yet shared an official set of patch notes for the October beta update, players (via Attack of the Fanboy) have singled out some of the more obvious changes made in the beta. The three most notable features changing there include the setting to turn on anonymous votes, a setting that changes when the task bar will show up, and colorblind support for the wires task players are sometimes assigned.

Some player shared previews of the three features on Reddit to show what they look like for those who aren't participating in the PC beta. In the image below, you'll notice that the wires are still colored in the beta, but they've now got unique symbols added to the ends of them to help players who can't easily distinguish the wires from one another by the colors alone.

Preview of the new colorblind wires in the next update! from r/AmongUs

As for the new settings players can enable, those will be found in the options players are presented with before they start up a match. The option for anonymous votes is pretty self-explanatory – when turned on, it makes it so that the identities of the voters won't be revealed whenever people are casting their votes. This option could add new layers of subterfuge to the game to further obscure players' roles and intentions, but you can always just turn if off if you don't want it. The other feature shown below is the task bar update option which dictates how often the task bar will be shown. It's typically on by default, but you can make it so that it only appears during certain situations.

New Rules in the Public Beta - Anonymous Voting & Task Bar Updates! from r/AmongUs

The content in the PC beta is just being tested now, though you can look for it to be added to the full game whenever InnerSloth shares the next set of patch notes for the live version of Among Us.