New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Duping Glitch Discovered

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on Nintendo Switch back in March, a number of item duplication glitches have been discovered. Some of these duplication glitches have proven more useful than others, but this latest discovery just might be one of the best yet; that's because players can use it to duplicate just about any item in the game! It's a multi-step process, but players should find it to be worth the effort. To start the process, players will need three residents living on their island: one main, and two additional users. That's because this glitch will require one resident to send items to another resident, who should be able to receive it multiple times, if done correctly.

Once Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have established three residents on their island, the main resident can choose to send either of the other two residents a gift, which should be the desired item. Players can choose to duplicate just about anything, with the exception of fish or bugs. Using a pair of Joy-Con controllers, the main player sends the gift to one of the other residents. Using the second Joy-Con, players must use the NookPhone to call Resident Services, and bring in the resident that received the package. Now, players must switch over to using that resident. As the second resident, players must enter and exit a building to get the auto-save icon to appear. Exiting the house now should show mail at the box, and the player should grab the gift.

At this point, it's time to switch back to the original resident. As the original resident, the player will want to use the "minus" button to use the option that reads "Pick Residents Again" to switch back to the second resident (note: this option will only appear if there are three or more residents on the island). The second player must then wait until the auto-save icon appears. This might take a few minutes, but once it does, the second resident should check their mailbox, where the same package will appear once again! Players will only have a brief period of time to grab the duplicated items from the box after the auto-save icon appears. Players can then repeat these actions, in order to continue duplicating that same item as many times as desired.

It should be noted that glitches like these tend not to last too long, once Nintendo has discovered them. As such, players that want to take advantage of the glitch should do so sooner, rather than later!

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