Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Find New Item Duping Glitch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have discovered yet another way to duplicate items and therefore get objects and Bells much quicker than normally earning them, but don’t expect to be duplicating anything and everything that you want with this new technique. The method in question is quite the specific one and involves using certain items of certain sizes and unique setups to duplicate the items. The result isn’t quite as dazzling as the one that was used before until Nintendo patched it out, but it’s still being used by players regardless to turn a quick profit until this one is fixed as well.

The item duplication technique that’s been highlighted by players recently begins with two different tables. By setting items of specific sizes on top of one of the tables and then using the top-down customization mode available when players enter their houses, players can drop the tables on top of one another. After pulling that off in just the right way, leaving the room and then coming back in, players have found that they’re able to duplicate items.

The result of the process is two of whatever item you’re trying to duplicate, though the extra one that’s been made ends up floating in the air instead of on the table or ground for players to pick up. This means you have to again use the house reorganizing mode to pick up the item and place it in your storage. Doing so will complete the process and finally net you two of the same item.

It’s a pretty specific set of circumstances required to duplicate items and can’t be used with everything, so it’s probably not going to be used as much as the previous technique was. Since it’s become so well-known by now, it’s not going to be around for much longer either. The economy of New Horizons is a key part of the game seeing how it drives the want for certain items with paying off debts and acquiring things being the overall goal of the game, so anything that messes with this setup won’t last long in New Horizons.

Nintendo has said it plans on releasing continuous updates for New Horizons in the future, so expect one of those to patch out this new item duplication bug sooner rather than later.