Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp May Be Adding Japanese New Year Theme

(Photo: Nintendo)

A social media update from the official Animal Crossing accounts has provided fans with a tease for a Pocket Camp update, likely coming the day after Christmas. The game's holiday event ends on Christmas Day, and with little else going on event-wise in the game, this is likely to take its place.

Traditional Japanese items have been quietly popping up in the game as players advance, like the tatami-style mat now available as a rug piece. Kimono and yukata outfits have bee available in other versions of Animal Crossing games, along with items like low tables (you can score a cute blue kotatsu in Pocket Leaf as well). These additions are likely to be a lot more celebratory, and players will probably have an event to follow that will help them collect these items faster if they log on while it's running.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Leaf continues to be a successful addition to Nintendo's mobile game lineup, which includes Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. The free-to-play title serves as a great introduction to the Animal Crossing franchise, and a good on-the-go game for long-time fans as well. The game has been updating pretty frequently, with a few events every month and an endlessly growing roster of characters that still has yet to include a few key fan favorites.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Leaf is available to play now on iOS and Android.