BioWare Has Gone Completely Radio Silent on Anthem

There's been a lot of criticism lodged against Anthem since it launched back in February. Most of [...]

There's been a lot of criticism lodged against Anthem since it launched back in February. Most of these complaints have involved the game's lack of meaningful content and the bugs and performance issues that have been plaguing it. But there's also been a lot of criticism of how poorly BioWare has communicated with fans about the game, its current state, and what's coming next. However, while the lack of content and bug issues are slowly but surely improving, BioWare's communication has only gotten worse. For example, the game's official Twitter account hasn't tweeted anything out in a month. Meanwhile, it's been one month since the last content update. BioWare and EA pitched Anthem as a live-service game, which not only involves regular content updates, but actively communicating with fans.

"What's your favorite moment since the past update? Mine is when most of the content in the Act 1 road map still hasn't been mentioned by any developers, such as Mastery Levels, the Cataclysm, more Legendary Missions, and Weekly Stronghold Challenges," writes one unhappy player on Reddit.

Now, it's easy to find an excuse for why there's been a lack of new content. It's obvious BioWare is trying to fix the game while also creating new content. So, the fact that there's been a lapse in new content isn't that egregious. But the lack of communication seems misguided. A lot of Anthem players are unhappy and the game itself has become a favorite target for Internet dunkers, but you still have to keep fans in the loop.

Presumably, BioWare is gearing up to share more at E3 next month, but Anthem is going to be in trouble if that update isn't sufficient. As you may remember, No Man's Sky went radio silent after its own catastrophic launch, but it came back with a meaningful content update and never looked back after that. It's now a popular, beloved game with a redemption story even its biggest critics have applauded. Anthem could be the next game to make a complete 180, but at the moment, it's not really doing anything that suggests it will be.

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