Apex Legends "Enter the Revenants" Hunt: How to Play, Rewards, and Recap

The third Apex Legends Hunt is now live in the game for those who’ve created the Treasure Packs, and this one offers a bit of a different experience compared to the others. It’s centered more around Revenant, the antagonist of the Broken Ghost storyline that’s been continuing throughout the first few weeks of Season 5, and offers players a different take on the Legend’s ultimate. It also moves forward the events the rest of the Legends find themselves in and shows us more of those much-needed Legend-to-Legend interactions players have been asking for as the characters’ personalities come through in their comments and quarrels.

Just like the past Hunts, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the minimum number of Treasure Packs required to play. After that, you’re free to start it either solo or with friends to see how the story plays out.

For those who’ve been short on Treasure Packs and just want to know what happens or those who want to make sure they didn’t miss any key moments, you can see a recap of everything from the third Hunt below. Spoilers obviously exist within, so avoid the guide if you don’t want to be spoiled and haven’t played yet.

How to Start “Enter the Revenants” Hunt

To start this Hunt, you’ll need a minimum of 15 Treasure Packs. That means you’ve gotten one in at least 15 days of games since Season 5 started, most likely acquiring those from in-game Supply Bins. If you don’t have enough, you can spend 25 Apex Coins to purchase a Treasure Pack or two and get you back on track. Those expenses will catch up with you eventually though, so make sure you’re getting your one-a-day Treasure Packs.

With those Treasure Packs secured, head to the game’s Season 5 menu and navigate to the “Quest” section. You should see the new quest titled “Enter the Revenants” available. Get your squad together, select that, and hop in.

“Enter the Revenants” Hunt Rewards

Completing the newest Hunt will earn you three rewards: One for your weapons, one for the ongoing quest, and another to give you the next chapter in the story.

  • Sphalerite Weapon Charm (Epic)
  • Artifact Piece – Gemini-CC Core
  • Story Chapter 3 – “The Liberated Narc”

“Enter the Revenants” Hunt Recap

Once you drop into “Enter the Revenants,” you’ll find yourself starting it much differently compared to the other Hunts. Your characters will be under the effects of Revenant’s Death Totem with players unable to use their weapons or other gear. You’ve got super speed and the ability to smash down doors in one hit, and it’s your job to take out all the Totems around the map while fending off normal Prowlers.

After doing that, it goes back to business as usual. You’ve got your loadout for this Hunt and have to extract another artifact. More Prowlers – this time under the effects of Revenant’s powers – come after you again as you try and escape.

Revenant narrates the whole Hunt, taunting players throughout, and is seen again in the story’s next chapter

“The Liberated Narc” Story Recap

The next chapter of the story picks up where “The Detached Chaperone” left off. Revenant’s been eavesdropping on the group of Legends as they do Loba’s bidding, but he says there’s a mole somewhere in the group.

When things look dire for Loba, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Bangalore intervene. They run Revenant off, much to the frustration of Octane since he wanted to get into some action.


Octane’s still itching to get moving at the end and seems as though he’s going to defy Bangalore’s orders to try and get more information about Revenant and Loba. He vows to collect all the artifacts himself, so the next chapter will likely deal with whatever comes of him going rogue.

Wattson, the Legend who was downed in the last Hunt, was still incapacitated throughout this chapter. Caustic showed an uncharacteristic amount of concern for her previously, but he was nowhere to be seen in this chapter after excusing himself. It’s unclear at this time who the mole in the group is, assuming there is one.

To take part in the next Apex Legends Hunt, be sure to keep collecting those Treasure Packs throughout the next week. The next Hunt begins on June 9th, so plan on having 20 Treasure Packs by that point.

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