Apex Legends "The First Piece" Hunt: How to Play, Rewards, and More

Apex Legends got its first real dose of story-driven PvE content this week with the release of the first Hunt that’s part of Season 5’s The Broken Ghost storyline. It’s called “The First Piece,” and it’s playable now by many players who’ve met the simple requirements necessary to participate in the challenge. Completing it will earn players some in-game rewards including a shiny new weapon charm to customize weapons along with two important pieces of the story. More Hunts are scheduled to be released each week and will be available to players who qualify for them, so expect more rewards and content to come throughout the course of the season.

Unlike the PvP matches that Apex Legends has been all about up until Season 5, these Hunts require players to team up with others or go it alone against AI enemies while they learn more about Loba and the Apex Games overall. If you’re looking to get started in this week’s Hunt, read on to learn everything you need to know about it.

What’s a Hunt, and Why Should I Care?

Hunts are new to Season 5 and Apex overall and give players a chance to see more interactions between Legends while parsing through Loba’s secretive story. If you’ve been looking for more lore and worldbuilding in Apex outside of cinematic trailers and character biographies, this is where you’ll find that.

The Hunts are spaced out throughout the season, and only one of them is available now. You can play through it as many times as you want, but you’ll have to wait until the next one is unlocked each week to play through future Hunts.

How Do I Participate in the Hunt?

To go hunting, you first have to have at least five Treasure Packs. Those are simple enough to find, but you can only acquire one per day, so you might have to wait a bit to do this Hunt if you haven’t been keeping up with your Treasure Packs. You can join up with friends even if you don’t have the necessary Treasure Packs, but you won’t earn the rewards.

If you’ve got enough Treasure Packs, head to the dedicated Season 5 menu in-game where you’ll see options for Battle Pass, Quest, and Challenges. Select the “Prologue” option in the “Story Progress” section of the Quest menu if you haven’t already and then hit “The First Piece” to start the Hunt.

Can I Bring My Friends?

Groups of up to three players are welcome in the Hunts. You can go it alone if you want with the safety of having limited respawns turned on, but you’re welcome to bring your friends to watch your back. The size of groups doesn’t change the difficulty nor does it impact the rewards.

What’s the Hunt Like?

It’s short, and it’s dark. You’re best off playing it yourself to experience it, but it takes place on King’s Canyon within the nighttime variant of the map. You choose your Legend, hop into the game, and follow the instructions to retrieve an artifact. Prowlers, the creatures from Bloodhound’s event on World’s Edge, are lurking in the dark, so stock up on resources to fend them off. There's a timer limiting how much you can explore since you have to get in and out, and from personal experience, the first playthrough took five minutes and 43 seconds.

Which Legend Should I Pick?

Any Legend is capable of doing the Hunt except for Loba and Revenant since they’re main characters in the story and will likely play bigger roles later on. You can pick whoever you’re comfortable with, but characters with offensive options or enhanced mobility wouldn’t be bad choices.

Mirage’s decoys will successfully bamboozle the Prowlers, and things like Wraith’s abilities or Pathfinder’s zipline will help you escape quickly.

What Do I Get?


You can only get one set of rewards for completing the Hunt, but you can do it as many times as you want. Beating it for the first time if you had five Treasure Packs will reward you with the Sapphire Weapon Charm that resembles a Loot Tick holding a sapphire as well as an artifact called the “Gemini-XG Core.” You’ll also get the first chapter of the story called “The Cranky Clown” where several Legends are hanging out and interacting with one another as they share more story details.

Future Hunts will continue the story of The Broken Ghost with more rewards and content to look forward to, so be sure to keep picking up those Treasure Packs to make sure you don’t fall behind.