Apex Legends Leaks Hint at Next Town Takeover

With the tenth season of Apex Legends now underway, players are again looking to the game’s [...]

With the tenth season of Apex Legends now underway, players are again looking to the game's files to try and figure out what's coming next. Based on information shared by some of the community's most well-known leakers and dataminers, it looks like we might have an idea of what the next Town Takeover will be like. What parts of the game's maps it'll affect remains to be seen, but the consensus at least seems to be that it'll be a Rampart-themed Town Takeover.

Earlier this week, Apex leaker SomeoneWhoLeaks said on Twitter that the Town Takeover coming for Rampart might be a takeover of an Arenas map which would be a totally new take on the limited-time event. Town Takeovers have historically been reserved for the game's main maps since those were all that existed before Arenas were added. The leaker revised their comments not long afterwards by saying that the takeover "IS an arena map."

However, that's not the only idea that's been put on social media. Shrugtal, another established source for Apex news, indicated that Rampart's Town Takeover could be coming to World's Edge instead. There's apparently code that hints at the Town Takeover taking place in Lava City near the edge of the map. Rampart's also supposed to be getting an Heirloom this season as well as a buff at some point, so as Shrugtal pointed out, it'll indeed be a big season for Rampart mains if all this plays out. That's all in addition to the new LMG added this season, too, which naturally does well in the hands of Rampart more so than other Legends because of her LMG-focused passive ability.

Whether the Town Takeover is for World's Edge or an Arenas map remains to be seen, but we'll probably have to wait a while longer to know what the plans are since the new season just started. Rampart players might want to hang onto any Heirloom Shards for now in case an Heirloom is released, or at least plan to do some spending and grinding to get it.