Apex Legends Players Are Being Haunted By Dogs

Dogs are haunting players in Apex Legends, or at least that's what many players of the PS4, Xbox [...]

Dogs are haunting players in Apex Legends, or at least that's what many players of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC battle royale game are saying. If you've been hearing what sounds like dogs barking and howling in the distance, you're not alone. If you think you've seen dogs flashing across the screen on the occasion, you're not alone either. And if you're very confused by the situation, again, you're not alone.

Ever since the new season went live in Apex Legends, there's been an increasing number of players reporting hearing what sounds like dogs barking. Meanwhile, there's also been players saying they've seen dog-like creatures flash across the screen. So, what gives? Well, it's possible the former is nothing more than an audio bug, however, unless the bug is very prevalent, this can't be it. Meanwhile, the latter could easily be written off as the imaginations of players, however, this doesn't explain the video below, which appears to show a dog-like creature (or perhaps the cape of Wraith) running across the screen.

Interestingly, one of the most common threads of the reports and instances is that many of them are happening around the Harvesters, suggesting if there's something there, it was brought by the massive machines.

I swear to god I saw a dog running around in APEX. I did the best slowmo job I could do. Please someone confirm this. When we went to investigate there was no one up top other than a solo Bangalore hiding. from r/apexlegends

Now, as you may know, one of the game's rumored next character is called Lobo, which means wolf. In other words, there's a decent chance all of these shenanigans involve her in some capacity.

Unfortunately, for now, it's unclear what the heck is going on, which means we are going to have to settle for community speculation for awhile.

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