Apex Legends Releases Another Update to Address Hit Registration Issues

Apex Legends received another update this week to hopefully clear up any lingering problems players may have been experiencing with hit registration issues. The problem surfaced in a big way when Season 5 first started as players took aim at their enemies and heard the plinks of bullets hitting and blood spatters only to find themselves doing no damage at all. A previous update attempted to resolved the issue but proved to be unsuccessful with gratuitous hit reg issues still plaguing the game, but Respawn Entertainment said the most recent patch released on Wednesday should have resolved any remaining issues.

Tweeting from the official Apex Legends Twitter account to alert players of the update’s release, Respawn said that the update was pushed to all platforms on Wednesday. This update follows the first acknowledgement from May 18th that players were still experiencing issues despite a previous update released to address the problems.

As the wording of the message suggests, those issues should be fixed now, emphasis on “should.” The last patch was supposed to take care of the problems as well, but judging from the initial reactions to this update, things seem to be much better now. The hit reg problem seemed to affect some guns more prominently than others with the Wingman being a prime candidate for no regs but based on what players have been saying so far, the issues have largely been resolved. Some have complained of increased lag, however, though it’s unclear how prevalent that is and if it’s even related to the update.

If you’re looking for someone to thank for the fix, Apex Legends engineer Samy Duc appears to be the one to pass that gratitude onto.


For those who aren’t experiencing hit reg problems anymore but still find yourself wanting to take a break from normal matches, you could always try out the new Hunt that’s just been added to the game this week. This first Hunt is part of a larger storyline called “The Broken Ghost” that’ll span the entirety of Season 5. It’s a does of PvE content players have been asking for, and it’s free to try so long as you’ve gathered enough Treasure Packs to make sure you earn the rewards from it.