Apex Legends Treasure Packs: How to Find Them and What They Do

Apex Legends might not have gotten any new weapons, throwables, or other resources just yet in [...]

Apex Legends might not have gotten any new weapons, throwables, or other resources just yet in Season 5, but there is new one thing to look out for: Treasure Packs. It's hard to miss these treasures once they're in front of you, but you've got to find them first if you want to unlock what's inside. The rewards range from progression in the battle pass to crafting materials, and these packs will also be key parts of your PvE experience if you want to keep playing the new Hunts as they're released.

There's a limited number of Treasure Packs you can get in Apex Legends throughout Season 5 with even more restrictions place on when you can get them, but they're worth hunting for. If you stumble across a Treasure Pack in Apex Legends during your normal matches, here's what you need to know about it.

How to Find Treasure Packs

To find Treasure Packs in Apex Legends, just play like you normally would. Open all the Supply Bins you can find in your hunts for loot, and if you're lucky, an orange-red box will pop out of one of them eventually. It's outlined with a big red banner like you'd see on a pair of fully charged Evo Shields, so it's hard to miss.

Just pick one up when you see it and forget about it until you're done with your match. It doesn't take up any inventory space, and when the match is complete, you'll be able to see what's inside. They're pretty common, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding one in about two to three games.

Apex Legends Treausure Pack
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What Can I Get from the Treasure Packs?

Inside the Treasure Packs are things like battle pass progression (called "CP" and usually in increments of the thousands), crafting materials, Apex Packs, and the opportunity to pursue Hunts as they're released. Your reward will be shown to you once the match is finished.

If you want to see what's to come, just head to the "Quest" section of the Season 5 menu spotted in the top-left corner of the main Apex menu. You'll see talk of a story called "The Broken Ghost" with a line of Treasure Pack rewards beneath it that looks a lot like a battle pass progression system. The gold rewards spaced out five Treasure Packs apart are the Hunts, but even if you've already acquired enough Treasure Packs to play one, you have to wait till it's released.

What's a Hunt?

Hunts are the PvE missions added in Season 5 that center around Loba and her mission on Kings Canyon. Nine different Hunts will take place throughout the season, and you can start getting invested in the story now by visiting the prologue section of the above below.

The first Hunt isn't live yet, so don't stress about not seeing the option. It starts on May 19th with more to come after it, so you've got plenty of time still to get Treasure Packs.

Apex Legends Menu
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How Many Treasure Packs Can I Get?

You can get just one Treasure Pack per day and can collect 45 of them in total throughout Season 5. This means that it's possible to not hit the max number of Treasure Packs if you're not playing consistently, but again, it doesn't take more than a game or two to find one from personal experience.

The restrictions on the Treasure Packs essentially turn the find into a daily login reward, though you do have to work a bit more for these than other games that just dish out the gifts immediately. Those who play more will find greater benefit from them, but since all the rewards are geared around cosmetics with the exception of the PvE Hunts, you'll only miss out to an extent if you don't find them all.

What If I've Hit My Treasure Pack Limit?

We've got a long way to go until players start hitting their limit of 45 Treasure Packs, but it's entirely possible that you'll find several of them in a day if you're playing often. Since you can only collect one per day, you should do with them what you should be doing with all other valuable loot: Ping them for your teammates.

The characters have unique voice lines for the Treasure Packs and will alert their teammates to the prize's location. They're not really worth leaving a fight to get since they're common enough, so don't ditch your team for them, but grab them when you can.