Apex Legends Update Fixes Big Hit Registration Problem

Respawn Entertainment released a small Apex Legends update this week to fix a big problem: Hit registration. Shortened to “hit reg” in Apex Legends as well as other shooters, the problem affecting this part of the game made it so that it would seem players hit their enemies based on what the game showed and audio feedback, but the damage wouldn’t actually register. The problem has appeared in Apex Legends periodically throughout the game’s life and got much worse with the release of the Season 5 update, but Respawn said the issues should now be resolved across all platforms.

The update in question was released on Thursday just two days after Season 5 began and Loba along with other features were introduced to the game. A tweet from the official Apex Legends account acknowledged the hit reg problems after developers had addressed the issues personally and said that an update had been released across all platforms. Player shouldn’t have to download anything themselves though since it’s a server-side update, so even though you don’t see the change, it should be in effect now.

For those unfamiliar with the hit reg problems in Apex or others who just weren’t sure if you were missing your shots or not, the two videos below shared by players on Twitter show what the problem looked like from a player’s perspective. When aiming your crosshair directly on someone and firing, the game sometimes wouldn’t apply damage as expected. You’d even here the plinking sound effect Apex uses to let players know when they’re shooting an armored enemy, but the bullets wouldn’t actually register as expected.

It’s hard to say whether the problem has been totally resolved since it’s one of those things that players don’t notice unless something’s not working like it’s supposed to, so hopefully players will see their shots hitting more now that the update is out.

Update: Some players are still reporting issues with hit registration after the update's release. Respawn appears to be aware of the problems and is looking into the issue.